Oregon has a small-scale touring environment, reminiscent of the village-strewn landscape of France, where the touring owners who tend their own tours and live next door to their tour country are called tour vignerons. .   “The concept of a tour vigneron,” says My Chauffeur owner Antoine Sekonius , "... is someone who builds his tours, picks his accessories, picks his chauffeuring techniques, picks his guiding material, picks his touring techniques—traditional or sustainable or 'dynamic':--- and he makes those decisions and then executes that decision during the tour.  That’s because he wants to make a tour that’s in his own mind.  It’s his tour, the greatest---or the worst.”  My Chauffeur is full of touring vignerons...

Most of the touring guides live amid their own tour country giving the guide teams’ total control over their tour from beginning to end.  Daily access to their guiding material allows them to respond to changing conditions throughout the day.  It also allows them to work quickly during any tour season; the tour is prepared and processed the same day.  The guide's goal is to express in their technique the unique character of their touring techniques, or tour terrior, to have in the tour be a direct reflection of what their technique gives it."  

Today My Chauffeur has a reputation for producing world class tour guides & chauffeurs.  PrincipalOur Party Bus guides & chauffeur's include Tom, Philip (Dig) and Antoine.

Intensify your tour knowledge.  We will personally take you on a tour ride, providing an insight into historical and modern touring techniques. Join us, explore and experience the fine touring skills of our more than 3 chauffeurs in the Portland Greater Area.

Right, our Limo/Tour Bus.

Specializing in unique tour experiences.  We will individually plan your service for one or many...for 4-hours or 4 days.....across forests, scenic areas, cities and towns, anywhere in Northern Oregon / Southwest Washington, arranging all visits, accommodation, fine dining and menus, plus event bookings.  Start your tour planning now, for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity with My Chauffeur, obligation free.

Our aim is to enlighten the tour guest, by offering advice, knowledge and superior guiding skills throughout the day.


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