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  1. Late Night/Early Morning Policy

  2. Billing

  3. Past Due Accounts

  4. Wait Time Policy

  5. CANCELLATION & No-Show Policy

  6. Holiday Travel Policy

  7. Hourly Service Rates

  8. 'Stops'

  9. Other


  11. Vehicle Damage

  12. Safety

  13. Seat Belt Usage/Child restraint laws

  14. Smoking

  15. Violations

  16. Inclement weather (snow, ice etc.)

  17. Compliance with driving laws

  18. Overage Fees

Please call us for any other questions: PHONE # AT BOTTOM.


  • Book - to arrange for a reservation in advance.

  • Customer - the individual who booked and paid for the reservation. The customer accepts all financial responsibility for any additional fees or charges incurred during the trip.

  • Passenger - any person, including the customer, making use of limousine services.

  • Reservation - a scheduled time of service to be provided to the customer.

Late Night/Early Morning Policy:

We are a '24 -hour company'.  Our normal operating hours are between 4:00 AM and 11:00 pm.  A $15.00-$20.00 additional charge will apply to point to point reservations between 11 p.m. and 2:59 a.m.  A $10.00 additional charge applies between 3:00AM and 3:59 AM. If an hourly reservation is scheduled to begin between 10 PM and 4 AM, there will be an additional 35% charge.


  • Pricing does not reflect added 20% driver gratuity (unless otherwise informed).

  • Up to 8% gas surcharge & cash discount may apply.

Non PDX service:

  • Minimum limousine charges apply for Friday and Saturday evening - after 6PM, $200 minimum; after 9PM, $300 minimum.

  • Corporate downtown to downtown special rate applies M-F 9 AM - 5 PM.  All other times - $45.00

  • Major holidays may require a 20% surcharge.


  • Reservations are charged to the customer's credit card or corporate account numbers.  My Chauffeur accepts the following cards; or cash.

    • VISA 

    • MasterCard

    • American Express

    • Diners Club

    • Discover

For all trips, there is a 20% service fee (driver gratuity) based on the base fare, stop time, and wait time. Holiday surcharges may also apply.  These services will be itemized on the credit card voucher or invoice statement.  My Chauffeur drivers truly appreciate any additional gratuity you wish to extend to them for a job well done.

  • The following additional charges may be itemized on the invoice statement. This list is not meant to be comprehensive:

    • Base fare

    • Two-way tolls                             

    • Parking

    • stops en-route or off-route

    • chauffeur gratuity

    • Additional tour time

    • Winery facility tours (wine tour only)

    • Additional hourly time

    • Lunches

    • Tasting fees (wine tour only)

    • 3% monthly interest due on unpaid accounts

All rates are subject to change without notice..

Past Due Accounts:

3% monthly interest due on unpaid accounts.*

* Unless you dispute the validity of your debt or any portion thereof in writing, within 30 days after receipt of your notice, we shall assume the debt to be valid.  Upon receipt of your dispute of the validity of the debt, My Chauffeur management will attempt to contact you to resolve the dispute. Likewise, you may contact My Chauffeur anytime at 503-969-4370.  We report debts that have gone unpaid more than 90 days to the Credit Bureaus. 3% monthly interest due on unpaid accounts.  

Wait Time Policy: (Airport and other point to point services)

  • A 1 hour (60 minutes) grace period is allowed after all domestic flights.  International flights-1 hour, 15 minutes.  My Chauffeur monitors the status of all commercial flights.

  • A ten (10) minute grace period is granted for all non-pdx pick-ups (hourly reservations excluded), the vehicle hourly rate applies thereafter. 

  • Waiting time is charged at the rate of $1.00 per minute (sedans) - $2.00/minute (Lg. limos), once the grace period has elapsed. 

Cancellation & No-Show Policy: 

  • In general, at reservation confirmation, every reservation receives a 24-hour cancellation grace period without penalty.  After that, cancellation policies apply.

  • For all reservations, if a cancellation occurs less than two hours before a scheduled pick-up time, full charge equal to the cost of the trip plus the 20% service fee may apply.

  • A 'no-show' fee will be charged the full trip cost, plus 20% service fee plus applicable wait time fee will be charged when the passenger fails to arrive at the designated location. If the passenger cannot locate the vehicle, they must call 1-877-692-4283 to avoid a 'no show' fee.

  • For all reservations, other cancellation policies may apply.  Please see your specific contract (confirmation) sent to you for the specific cancellation / 'no-show' liabilities, or call our office.

Holiday Travel Policy: 

A 20% U.S. holiday surcharge, based on the fare, stop and waiting time will be charged to all trips on the following holidays:

  1. New Years Day            

  2. Memorial Day         

  3. July 4th         

  4. Labor Day         

  5. Thanksgiving Day        

  6. Christmas Day

  7. Valentine's day

Hourly Service Rates: 

  • Sedan rates of travel in which a point to point or charter rate does not exist will be billed at $55.00-$75.00/ hour, 2-hour minimum, billed from the time the vehicle leaves the My Chauffeur facility until the time it returns. A 15 minute grace period applies each way, in which the hourly rate does not apply.

  • Hourly rates are charged on a per-minute basis.

  • Limousine rates of travel in which a point to point rate does not exist will be billed the vehicle charter or hourly rate, 2-hour minimum charge, billed from the time the vehicle leaves the My Chauffeur facility until the time it returns.  A 20 minute grace period applies each way.

  • There is a 20 minute grace period each way, in which the hourly rate does not apply.

  • Hourly rates are charged on a per-minute basis.


  • The en-route charge is $5 - $15 per stop.

  • Stops en route receive a ten (10) minute grace period, $1.00/ minute (sedans) is charged thereafter.

  • Stops off route will revert to the vehicles hourly rate.


  • My Chauffeur will not be held liable for circumstances beyond its control including weather, road conditions and breakdowns.

  • My Chauffeur assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged personal belongings, nor for any items left in the vehicle.


If any party member shows signs of excessive intoxication as determined by the chauffeur; any of the following may occur:

  1. All alcohol will be removed from the passenger compartment of the vehicle by the chauffeur.

  2. The tasting room staff will be notified by the chauffeur that this person may be excessively intoxicated. 

  3. The rental agreement may be terminated.  If the termination of the rental agreement is instituted, no refunds will be issued.

Vehicle Damage:

The cost of cleaning or repairs for any unusual damage or wear, caused by passengers, will be automatically charged to the reservation agreement associated with the account.  See your reservation agreement for details.


My Chauffeur views safety with utmost concern. Any passenger creating an unsafe environment for themselves, the other passengers, or the chauffeur will be instructed to cease their unsafe activities. Failure to comply with the chauffeur's instructions may result in the offending passenger being expelled from the vehicle or the reservation may be cancelled by the chauffeur, at the chauffeur's discretion.

Seat Belt Usage/Child restraint laws:

My Chauffeur complies with Oregon State Law regarding the use of seat belts and child restraints.

The following are general descriptions of Oregon's safety belt and child restraint laws. Specific wording of statutory requirements can be found HERE.


Oregon law requires that all motor vehicle operators and passengers be properly secured with a safety belt or safety harness, unless all safety-belt equipped seating positions are occupied by other persons. This applies to passenger cars, pick up trucks, motorhomes, and fee-based people transport carrying fifteen or fewer persons. Limited exemptions are allowed under ORS 811.215. Vehicle owners are required to maintain belt systems in working order.


Child passengers must be restrained in approved child safety seats until they weigh forty pounds or reach the upper weight limit for the car seat in use. Infants must ride rear-facing until they reach both one year of age AND twenty pounds.


Children over forty pounds or who have reached the upper weight limit for their forward-facing car seat must use boosters to 4'9" tall or age eight and the adult belt fits correctly.

CHANGE TO CHILD SEAT LAW effective January 2012:  Current law requires children to move from a child seat to a booster after forty pounds. House Bill 3590 signed by Governor 6/9/2011 will allow continued use of child seats up to the highest weight limit allowed by the seat manufacturer, as an alternative to boosters, for children over forty pounds but under age eight or less than 4'9" tall.


Oregon's safety belt law requires occupants of privately-owned commercial vehicles transporting 15 or fewer persons to use safety restraints including occupants of shuttles, taxis, limousines and vans.  Among these types of vehicles, taxi cab drivers and vehicles originally manufactured without seatbelts are the only occupants excepted from this rule.

The law specifies that drivers of these vehicles are not responsible for ensuring that any of the passengers buckle up. Passengers over 16 years of age are responsible for securing their own safety belt and also for ensuring that any child accompanying them is properly restrained.


Does your bus have seat belts?

No, Oregon law states that vehicles (15 passenger and larger) are not required to have seat belts.

Do I need a car seat for my child?

No, Oregon law states that vehicles (15 passenger and larger) are not required to use child restraints.

What if I want to use a car seat?

You may bring a car seat with you for your child but our bus is not equipped with any restraint system to secure it to the seat.

ORS Definitions


Smoking in My Chauffeur vehicles is prohibited. Passengers in violation of this policy will be instructed to extinguish their cigarette, cigar, or pipe. Repeated violations, or failure to comply with instructions from the chauffeur, will result in actions taken at the chauffeur's discretion up to and cancellation by the chauffeur of the reservation and a $100 fine for each violation.


Failure to comply with the My Chauffeur Terms of Service may result in the following actions taken:

  • Specific instructions by the chauffeur to cease the actions deemed in violation of the terms of service.

  • For safety reasons or for illegal activity, any individual may be expelled from the vehicle.

  • Cancellation of the reservation by the chauffeur. In the case of cancellation, if the vehicle is en-route, all passengers will be returned to the point of origin. In the case of multiple points of origin, all passengers will be dropped off at the nearest point of origin to the location of the vehicle at the time of cancellation. Reservations cancelled by the chauffeur due to violations of the terms of service are subject to the same terms as cancellation by the Customer.

  • Additional fees or charges to the Customer's payment method for violations resulting in damage to the vehicle or the need for special cleaning.

Inclement Weather:

In case of inclement weather (snow, ice etc.); and we are able to perform your scheduled reservation; the custom rate is up to 100% above the 'base rate'.  The minimum charge is the Denali SUV rate.


All itineraries must allow the driver and the Company to comply with all Federal, State and local regulations or ordinances. Drivers are limited to: a) 15 consecutive hours on duty in any one day (including ½ hour driver preparation; and b) of this 15 hours, a maximum of 10 hours may be actual driving hours. If your itinerary requires the use of more than one driver, either the price of the charter will be adjusted or the itinerary must be changed to allow for only one driver. Upon reaching your destination, if the drivers’ total on-duty hours have used, the driver must have a minimum of 8 hours off-duty. The Customer is responsible for the driver(s) overnight room accommodations, unless you and the Company have agreed in advance that the Company will provide the driver’s room and bill you for the charges.

'Overage' fees:

Any reservation that extends beyond the scheduled time period will be billed additional fees based on our next tour level pricing or regular vehicle hourly rates, as applicable. Overages may be billed up to 14 days following drop-off.



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