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Why Not Go in Class!  Make your sporting event an extra special event at just a minimum cost; cause with My Chauffeur, you don't have to pay for the limo time while at the venue!  We call it the 'Event Special Pricing'. It is great to view the great sporting matches but these events are usually fully booked making transportation difficult. The increase in traffic and lack of parking can create many problems, but our limousines have VIP SPACES RIGHT UP FRONT and sometimes even VIP roadway lanes.

With door to door service; our professional chauffeurs have the specialized knowledge to ensure that you get to your venue fast & on time and the comfort and style of our quality limousines will make the journey much more pleasant.

There are advantages to using our limousine service, which can deliver you to the venue's of your choice. In even the most crowded environment a simple call and our chauffeur will be there opening the door so that you are not kept waiting. If you need to change plans because you have been invited to an after party simply let your chauffeur know and they will arrange everything.

A limousine also ensures that if you have one drink too many then you are not tempted to drive. A limousine lets you forget about having to drive so that you can enjoy yourself and know that you will be delivered safely home at the end of the day/evening in comfort.

If you have a big day out at an event, let My Chauffeur take care of the driving so that you have a trouble-free, enjoyable time.

Our limos offer:

  1. ice/water/soda pop/beverage bars

  2. neon lighting

  3. couch seating

  4. mood lighting

  5. a professional chauffeur

  6. dvd/cd/radio stereo system




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