'Snapshot' 'Last-Minute-Special' Pricing vs. 4 of our main competitors.

Pricing is not guaranteed; please contact us for details & to confirm pricing.

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Competitor #1***

(mixed-group tour*)

Competitor #2***

(mixed-group tour*)

Competitor #3***

(mixed-group tour*)

Competitor #4***

(mixed-group tour*)


My Chauffeur Private Limo Tours**

  TOUR  9

Portland City


$49 pp

$45-$90 pp

(+ admission fees)

Columbia R. Gorge


$59 pp

$45-$90 pp

Columbia R. Gorge Wine Tour

$119 pp

$45-$90 pp

Oregon Coast Tour


$62.50 pp $59/hour $99-$129 pp $90-$180 pp

Wine Tour

$59.50 pp

$99 pp

$45-$90 pp

Mt. Hood loop tour (full-day)

$59.50 pp


$109 pp

$90-$180 pp

Brewery Shuttle

$45 pp for 4.5 hours

$39 pp for 4 hours

$50-$110/hour for 1-14 ppl.

Mt. Hood Winter Excursion

$50 pp

$300-$675 RT for up to 14 persons

Oregon Coast/Nehalem River Kayak Tour (full-day)****





Pac NW

Approx. $175.00/pp for up to 22 ppl.***

Above is a 'snapshot' of randomly selected competitors pricing.  This table is strictly a comparison of rates for the purpose of public information.  It does not reflect on different service levels and/or service types.  Information is deemed accurate as of 01/30/2017, but should be confirmed. If there is a ● next to the tour, it means that to the best of our knowledge, our competitors do not offer this service.

* These competitors offer mixed-group, fixed-schedule, van or bus tours.  The hours they offer are often limited, as well as their pickup locations. In other words, with mixed-group tours, you need to go by their time schedule and their pickup location schedule. As competitor #4 states in their brochure, "Can you be on time at departure time, we are not going to wait for you and its your responsibility to get back on your own".  You can be sure that My Chauffeur would never abandon you at a stop!

** My Chauffeur above pricing examples may reflect our last minute specials full-service pricing option (restrictions may apply), with our 4 hour tour option unless otherwise noted (the Mt. Hood Tour & Coastal Tour is 8.5 and 9.5 hours respectively). Please confirm pricing; prices are subject to change without notice.  Additional costs may apply to advance book.  Other service/price options are available.  An automatic driver gratuity may apply, depending on the tour.  Quoted price may reflect our cash discount prices.  We accept most credit cards (see below). 

But enough about us.  Give us a try, you will be impressed. For more encouragement, you can visit Why Take Us?

*** 2 competitors requested that we remove their company names, claiming it was illegal.  But, all of the above pricing data including their company names is public record obtained from their own websites!  Go figure; because if they had competitive pricing, they probably wouldn't object.  Out of courtesy, we removed the company names of all the remaining competitors.

**** For the Nehalem River Kayak tour; please inquire about your exact cost.

Disclaimer: Information is deemed accurate as of 01/30/2017, but pricing may be approximate, accurate or inaccurate, may have changed and should be confirmed.


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