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10 Essential Portland Coffee Shops - Mapped


Food + Drink: Eclectic

Mother's Bistro & Bar

212 S.W. Stark St.
503-464-1122; $$

You make the trek home to the family hearth after a long absence and you don't want trendy, edgy or experimental. You want familiar, homey, comforting. You want, in short, the sort of fare that Mother's have been serving with reliable skill and care for years. Chef-owner Lisa Schroeder is a busy presence in the kitchen, dining room and even the swank Velvet Lounge bar. Her gracious touch, like the parlor-style furnishings and setting, gives you the essence of the place: It's all designed to make you feel at home.

Recommended: The standards always satisfy: matzo soup, pot-roast plate, chicken and dumplings, chopped liver, mac and cheese. But wandering in the less familiar portions of the menu can pay off, too: fried calamari with a garlicky sweet-and-sour sauce, a perfect Parisian bistro-style steak frites, Asian-accented pulled pork. Cocktail service has grown more sophisticated.


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Food + Drink: Japanese


200 S.W. Market St.
503-227-0080 $$ (regular menu), $$$$ (kaiseki)

Besides consistent, impressively fresh sashimi and sushi -- like unexpected rolls and geoduck -- Murata sets out a range of Japanese specialties, including seafood-dense nabe stews for two, unusual grilled fish dishes and a kasu cod that makes "melting in your mouth" not a cliche but a literal description. Tempura is equal parts air and crispness, and it lures with nonstandard elements such as soft-shell crab.

Recommended: Tempura, especially king-crab tempura; black cod in sake paste; grilled salmon collar; sushi; nabe stews (for more than one); and, if you're feeling expansive, multicourse kaiseki banquets. Limited but adequate beer and sake selection.


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Food + Drink: Asian

[ Southeast Asian ]


editor's pick
102 N.W. Fourth Ave.
503-229-7464 ; $-$$

Photo by Lee Emmert

It has the soul of the 1917 Hung Far Low Building, the look of a Japanese drinking club and the green sensibility of indie Portland. It pays respect to Chinatown's past but looks to the future with food, art and design from local cultures all over Asia, like you'd find today in modern-day Bangkok or Tokyo. But mostly, as customers sit at the sleek counter inhaling pork bone tea, Vietnamese short ribs and black sesame ice cream, Ping feels exciting: the most daring, challenging, intriguing restaurant to open in some time.

Recommended: The menu draws significantly from Singapore and Malaysia, with some rare discoveries from China, like ju pa bao, a sublimely brined pork chop on a tiny, buttery bun. But don't think Chinese-style or family-style eating. This is high-level snacking, à la drinking houses all over Asia. Plan to spend $20-$30 a person. Meet friends, have fun over drinks and eat some good food, perhaps pork collar with tangy-tart dipping sauce; skewers of spicy baby octopus; rice soup with pork meatballs, paired with super-heady salted duck egg salad; and kaipatam toast slathered with thick custard jam.

Food + Drink: Pan-Asian


214 S.W. Broadway
503-241-3393; $$-$$$

Sometimes you go to a place because it makes you feel cool. In downtown Portland, Saucebox is it. The vibe: high-energy Hong Kong happy hour. Bruce Carey's restaurants are always detail-oriented, and in the cacophony of Saucebox's sleek black bar and beyond, libations are the thing. The house cocktail menu lists more than a hundred, with rising talent Kyle Billings pouring; a glass "shrine" reverently houses liquors, cordials and infusions; and the daily happy hour and late-night DJ scenes are off the hook.

Recommended: None of this means you should skip dinner. Just order a Saucebox signature, like the Javanese roasted salmon, a pupu platter or even sushi, and enjoy the action from the dining balcony above the bar. The sedate white dining room offers sit-down dinners -- ideal on an expense account, what with $28 entrees. Cocktails put an emphasis on fun. Hit the Thai Basil Gimlet or the chile-infused vodka Kickboxer -- as the passion fruit and raspberry purees meld, the Lava Lamp-like liquid entertains.

Food + Drink:  Thai-Som Tum

Som tum: the spicy, tangy, shredded green papaya salad that often plays Fatone to pad Thai's Timberlake. It may not be as popular, but it has a fervent cult following (and plenty of hidden talent). Now it's time for the Weekly Yelp to get in sync with Portland's sizzling som scene!

A self-admitted "picky psycho about som tum," Bree C attests that a good salad "brings you up with spiciness, swirls happiness around all of your senses, then eases you down smoothly into tangy pleasure." Where does she fill her tum-my? No question:
Thai Abode. Meanwhile, Phil M swears by the "namesake dish at SomTum Gai Yang. Max it out on spice – it won't disappoint! The salad is sweet and crunchy, with a fiery build." But Soi9 stoked Sandra W's mouth-flames. The salad was so hot there that even "Mr. Macho Guy, 'I-can-handle-anything'" (aka her hubby) ended up "sweating and twitching" from the heat.

If you crave a Lao/Isaan version (think saltier and spicier), have no fear.
Pok Pok's signature salad will, as Anita H warns, "definitely give you a HUGE kick in the pants." For an adventure, try it "Isaan style" with fermented salt crab and dry chilis. Over at Chiang Mai, Sylvia S swears "the menu reads like something out of a Thai restaurant jackpot; featuring lots of interesting, rare options" like som tum with choice of pickled black crab or traditional dried shrimp. And Kesone Thai Lao Bistro offers up Thai and Lao variations as well. Andrew R reports, it's his "ace in the hole… as far as neighborhood restaurants go." Need to cool your palate? "The salad rolls are works of art." We can roll with that.

Down in Sellwood,
Jade Bistro And Teahouse serves up some "dirt cheap" som tum that makes Tyler A say yum. "The salad isn't as spicy" as most places, but he reckons it offers a "perfect crunch" to offset the succulent grilled shrimp. A crustacean sensation! When Susan W is faced with som tum at Red Onion
, she cries, "Holy moly, Batman! When these guys say 'very spicy,' they are not messing around." Go Laotian for an added kick… Onions always make us cry.


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Food + Drink:  Late-Nite Luc Lac

It's late and you're staring down tomorrow's impending hangover. Are you seriously considering a greasy meal slapped together with a caulking gun at a fast food joint? Stop right there! This Weekly Yelp is here to save the day (or night) with a list of Portland's bona fide fifth meal grub.

Need to soak up those drinks?
Central serves full dinner until 2:30am on weekends and Rick W reports, "The food is amazing. Try the rabbit and kale – it's spicy with just enough fattiness to create an unctuous, undeniably delicious meal. The cocktails are well crafted. And the ambience? Delightfully rustic." For another fancy option downtown, rock with Jeff M to Lúc Lác for their namesake dish. This "tender beef tenderloin, seared with Hennessey, beurre de France, garlic, and black peppercorn, is served over mixed greens with tomato fried rice." And that's offered until the wee hours? How'd we get so Lúc-y?

Sometimes you just need midnight pie. Kade M's go-to at
Hammy's is "fresh mozz, bacon, tomato, and basil on a garlic and oil base." They even offer "all sorts of vegan options, like cashew cheese pizza or whatever those crazy veegs are dreaming up these days." Meanwhile, Eric L has "no problem downing four pieces" of Sizzle Pie's "oh-so yummy pizza in one sitting. And these slices are HUGE!" His favorite items? "The Ol' Dirty, Pig Destroyer and Heart Attack Man." Those'll annihilate your hunger. Mary H never suffers a missed connection at Lonesome's: "Not only are these pizzas bomb at 2am when one is bombed, but they also happen to be amazing for dinner with a bottle of red wine and jazz." Need a dining buddy?

"Everyone knows the dirtier the taco shop, the better the food," and Beth N finds her burrito at
Javier's. It's "well-seasoned, simple and flavorful." But Nicholas N goes for dogs at his Zach's Shack after-party: "It's within stumbling distance of Tanker and Space Room and is open late!" The "John Popper with jalapeños, cream cheese and Mae Ploy" alongside "a PBR tall boy" always hit the spot for him. And Joanna Y blows it up at Big Bertha's
, "the perfect late-night yum-factory in the 'Bar-muda Triangle.' Think classic falafel and lamb gyros with upgraded extras like whole garlic cloves and feta for maximum flavor." We'll toast tomorrow's mimosa to that!


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Food + Drink: Indian East India Co.

Looking for some solid fare from the subcontinent? Don't worry – you don't have to go to Bombay the hard way. Just follow along as your Weekly Yelp dishes up a Delhi-cious buffet of P-town's Indian eats.

Erin N grabs her "takeout container full of yum" directly from
Mum's. This little cart dishes out Indian food with a "South African side to it, which is different but tasty." Try the garlic pork – it's the pig's oink! But Robert H touts The Tao of Tea as "a great spot for a date with your yoga crush." Aside from world-class teas, they offer "light and tasty Indian food." Case in point? The besan ka pura: a chickpea crêpe, filled with tomatoes, onions, cilantro, and cumin. Mandana S is a huge fan of pani puri, which she describes as "sexy little pillows made of angel wings, stuffed with potato crack and topped with liquid love." And Bombay Chaat House carries "the best in all of Portland." Sounds bomb!

Chowing down on a huge portion of tofu dahl at
Real Taste of India, Mac M yells, "Holy sh*t! These are some damn fine vittles!" He's talkin' "slow roasted lentils, perfectly cooked basmati rice, flavorful tofu, ginger, and garlic." And Melissa V digs Abhiruchi for dinner: "All of the dishes we ordered, and especially my lamb kharai, were super flavorful and fresh. Plus, they offer hot, fresh naan and super attentive, friendly service." There's naan better than that.

"Appearances can be deceiving," but as far as Christopher J N is concerned, at
Gandhi's, "the bills stay safe in your pocket and the tasty food safe in your gullet. Imagine trays full of delicious Indian fare inside a mini food court." Meanwhile, Devon D makes a passage to East India Co for "five-course lunch specials." Set a midday date – you won't "even come close to finishing and will get out of there for $30" for two. When it comes to the dishes, "the tandoori lamb chops steal the show." But Aaron W doubles down on Roshambo's
moong dahl – "yellow moong beans with spinach and spices, topped with house-made ghee. It's a hearty, delicious dish and the traditional Indian spices really amplify the experience." Korma-n get it!


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Food + Drink: Cigars 11th Ave.

Let's be blunt: you don't have to be Fidel Castro (or even wear an ironic Castro hat) to appreciate a fine stogie. In fact, Portland has a fairly robusto cigar scene notwithstanding the '09 smoking ban. And your Weekly Yelp is lighting up a list of spots to puff, puff, pass those oh-so sweet cee-gars.

Need some seriously "fine cigars or quality tobacco smoking paraphernalia"? Frank L reports that
Rich's "is your store. No fancy frills, just smokes and a ton of magazines." And the salespeople don't make "you feel like a chump for lack of cigar expertise." Join Jenn A for a smoky treat at 82nd Avenue Tobacco and Pipe. They boast a "friendly and helpful staff," and a "plush cigar lounge" with a flat-screen for in-store puffery. And Lena W admits, "I don't smoke big fancy cigars or pipes, but I do really enjoy mini cigars. Lucky me, Broadway Cigar has a nice little shelf of quality stogies that aren't nearly as intimidating as the big ones in the humidor." That's some sweet leaf.

Often in need of advice, Laura H appreciates that the folks at
Timber Valley Tobaccos "are very knowledgeable" about their wares. Plus "they help you find the best deal for what you're looking for." Pearl Specialty may be, according to Melissa P, a "fancy schmancy store full of amazing, delicious booze," but it doesn't stop there. The well-stocked walk-in humidor seals the deal. And 11th Avenue Liquor is "one of the most organized and efficiently run liquor stores" Heather H has ever visited. Aside from the "wide selection of booze and mixers," the cigar offerings are top-shelf. Even aficionados should be able to find some succulent, smoke-sticks here. 
Of course, "places where you can smoke cigars indoors," which, in Ethan D's "opinion is the best way to smoke cigars, are few and far between. Places like
Greater Trumps are a Godsend." Not only do they "serve alcohol, but you can bring your own cigars from home" to enjoy in the bar. Or, retreat from the hustle of the city with Mark H into the "bar in the basement" of Kells. This smoky spot is where he finds "a great selection of beer, whiskey and cigars." Lastly, Matt W recognizes that El Gaucho
's "filet mignon is the best out there," but add in "classy service, romantic atmosphere" and an upscale cigar room hidden in back and he's set. Roll out!


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Food + Drink: Soda Fountains

It's a well-settled fact that booze is a healthy part of a complete breakfast. But sometimes it's nice to start your day the soft drink way. This
Weekly Yelp is digging deep into Portland's beverage scene to find fountains and house-made suds that even a (soda) jerk would love.

"Part novelty and part delicious,"
Fizz has Shannon H feeling bubbly. Offering an array of ice cream flavors – "salted caramel, anyone?" – she recommends adding a scoop to their fountain pop. The syrups are made with real cane sugar and none of that high-fructose malarkey! Eva A appreciates that Fairley's Pharmacy offers "a less rushed attitude" than most modern script dispensaries. But what really makes it special is the "stuff your typical pharmacy might have had 75 years ago," like a functioning soda fountain! Peter T feels, "visiting Pattie's Home Plate Café is like going into an old-time diner while under the influence of something strong." Why so quirky? The costumes, Avon counter, "a jukebox with 45s that haven't been changed since the mid '60s," and some interesting fizzy beverages.

Craving straightforward sodas? Kaitlin P really loves the house-made ginger and vanilla bubblies up at
Firehouse. "The flavors are crisp and not overly sweet," she reckons, and pair well with pizza that's "simple yet full of flavor." Plus Tommy T attests, Pyro Pizza pours up "a great handmade soda selection" courtesy of Give Pizza A Chance, adding that they "rival most sodas out there." With rotating flavors like natural cola, sarsaparilla or root beer, ginger, Thai coffee, and basil-lime, his cup runneth over.

When Megan T needs a "nice change of pace from the standard diet cola," she slurps up a special at
Blueplate. Think "homemade sodas from the fountain," like an anise-hibiscus blend, alongside classic American comfort food. Meanwhile, Melissa V makes tracks for the "delicious drinking vinegars" that Whiskey Soda Lounge makes in-house. Her recent choices were "pomegranate and pineapple. Both have that nice, tart, funky edge, and go great with the fish sauce wings," which are also a must-try. Frannie H has fun with one of The Original
's "fancy sodas" brewed on site. She digs the "ginger-lemongrass concoction – such a clean and refreshing flavor! It's nice and bubbly and not too sweet." Spike it with booze for a couple bucks more!


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Food + Drink: Food Carts


Food history grouped 3  fixed  lkmuoy

The Weekly Yelp (Food Carts)


Peek At A Pod: SW 9th & Alder Food Carts

Noodle House Bryan I

What's more Portland than a Timbers fan drinking kombucha out of a mason jar? Food cart pods! This week, we head downtown to check in on the offerings found at SW 9th and Alder. Here are just some of the Yelpers' faves:



4_half star rating

79 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 10th & Alder, Portland, OR
German, Food Stands

Alison W.


“So delicious. These have to be the best wurst in Portland. Juicy, savory, with the right amount of snap from the casing. Add some sauerkraut and mustard best, lunch, ever. Lunch for $5.50 and you will be so satisfied.”
Alison W., Portland, OR


Bing Mi

4_half star rating

91 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 9th and Alder, Portland, OR
Food Trucks, Chinese, Creperies

Sudipto G.


“Bing Mi sells just one thing and they are good at it... this is a Chinese crepe filled with egg, wonton crackers, a bean sauce, optional sausage, and a plum hoisin sauce. It's a really crispy crepe and the flavors though unusual go well.”
Sudipto G., Portland, OR


The Frying Scotsman

4_half star rating

254 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 9th Ave & SW Alder St, Portland, OR
Fish & Chips, Scottish, Food Trucks

Spencer T.


“The haddock was flaky and white, and perfectly cocooned in a light, crispy batter. While it definitely had that fresh-from-the-fryer taste, it wasn't greasy at all. It tasted as fresh as can be, mild, but still the batter's equal in making up the flavor.”
Spencer T., Portland, OR


Gyro House

4 star rating

76 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 9th Ave & SW Alder St, Portland, OR
Egyptian, Halal, Food Trucks

Tiffany A.


“The portions are huge, the gyros are fresh, and the ingredients are on point! Filled with falafel or meat of choice, lettuce, shredded carrot, a generous slathering of tzatziki sauce. Make sure to get it 'spicy'... it adds a ton of flavor.”
Tiffany A., Portland, OR


La Camel

4_half star rating

23 reviews

Southwest Portland
521 SW 9th Ave, Portland, OR
Food Trucks, Moroccan

Misty S.


“I went with the chicken and couscous. I really did think about licking my foil container after. The little bits of cranberry gave me little bits of surprised sweetness. The broth was light and flavorful and tasted like a home-cooked meal. It was perfect!”
Misty S., Portland, OR


Noodle House

4 star rating

83 reviews

Southwest Portland
950 SW Washington St, Portland, OR
Food Stands

Randi W.


“Mmmmm, noodles. Such sweet, chewy, delicious noodles. With lots of tasty veggies and all in a convenient GoBox! Medium spicy has been just enough to tell that the kick is there without killing your mouth... it's definitely in my spicy-range sweet spot.”
Randi W., Portland, OR


Savor Soup House

4_half star rating

95 reviews

Southwest Portland
1003 SW Alder St, Portland, OR
Food Stands, Sandwiches, Soup

Olga I.


“Their soups are delicious, with new takes on the combinations. I had the tomato soup with orange, and it was tasty. They use local produce, buying from the local farms, so the ingredients are great and fresh.”
Olga I., Portland, OR


808 Grinds

4 star rating

139 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 9th Ave & SW Washington St, Portland, OR
Food Stands, Hawaiian, Food Trucks

Cedric J.


“We opted in for the spam musubi, an oddly delicious nori-wrapped sushi-handroll-like snack filled with a slab of spam, topped with rice and a bit of sesame seeds on the inside. Our service was lightning quick; we were out of there in under three minutes.”
Cedric J., Portland, OR


Nong’s Khao Man Gai

4_half star rating

152 reviews

Industrial District
1. 609 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR

2. SW Alder & SW 10th

Beth N.


“Because I eat paleo and don't eat grains, the rice in the chicken rice just doesn't work for me. So, I can pay a little more and get my chicken over veggies and get gluten-free sauce too.”
Beth N., Portland, OR


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Food + Drink: Wine Bars

Sure, getting sauced on PBR and playing Big Buck Hunter is a great way to spend a Saturday. But what if you're looking to class it up while you smash it up? Well, this Weekly Yelp is taking flight with some of Portland's most di-vine wine bars.

When Kari S needs to find the vine, she heads to
ENSO, where the "small batches of wine just taste better." Sip on that alcoholic grape juice in the unpretentious, "hang-with-your-buddies atmosphere." And Mikhail H may keep Kir close to her heart for their "amazing selection of wines," but also finds, "The food that comes out of the tiny kitchen is small but mighty!" Amber A takes her wine junkets to Journeys for the "cozy, homey and relaxing" feel. "If you're really looking to hang out," she recs you "grab a seat in the back room and pull a board game from the game shelf." Play date, anyone?

To sate her cravings, Patti F puts
Noble Rot on her list: "Big comfy booths? Check. Amazing view of the city lights? Check. Good happy hour? Check. Great wine selection? Check." A regal repose. Meanwhile, Every Day Wine is anything but ordinary, according to David R. It "aims to keep affordable, really good wines on hand. In addition to wines by the glass, the flights are great ways of going on mini wine tours without prying your butt off the bar stool." Abbie H offers her ode: "I. Love. Red. Wine. It makes me happy. And the knowledge of the people that work at Coppia has helped me understand pairings and my palate." Decant beat that!

For all you "vino fans looking to expand your knowledge and repertoire," Jim S swears by
Thirst Wine Bar & Bistro. Why? Simply put, "their commitment to sharing Oregon wines," by offering "weekly free tastings," periodic "cellar tastings sponsoring local wineries, and pairing dinners." Tiffany B sips her cares away at Bar Avignon. It's a "sexy place in SE to have some wine and talk about the end of one's day at a quaint, candlelit table. The wine list is a big one," so get pouring! And Katherine K admits she's "in complete lust with robust, full-bodied, spicy red wines," and Barilé
fulfills her every fantasy. Plus, the beer snob husband even gets to come and enjoy "a small, yet diverse tap list." Someone's got her crush on.

The Weekly Yelp Wine Bars



Fancy a flight?

It's Always Wine O'Clock

Fancy a flight? Cecilia S

Wine? Why not? Everyone loves a balanced bouquet, a complex concoction, and uncorking to wine down. That's why this week we're featuring cool spots for a glass of grown-up grape juice. Start sippin', and you'll be an oenophile in no time — that's a good thing, trust us!


Boedecker Cellars

5 star rating

5 reviews

Northwest Industrial
2621 NW 30th Ave, Portland, OR

Heather F.


“Bottles range from $15–$65, and you'll get a quality wine at any price point. A tasting is $10, but that's waived if you buy a bottle. I suggest a quick, informative tasting, and then taking a bottle (or a few) home.”
Heather F., Portland, OR


Carmella’s Wines

5 star rating

17 reviews

Central Eastside
1320 SE Water Ave, Portland, OR
Wine Bars

Henry L.


“Excellent glass pour wines... they have an incredible selection of old and new world. The sunset is visible from the bar or the heated patio. I long for the next rainy dark night so I can sip by their wood burning fireplace and enjoy fireside s'mores.”
Henry L., Portland, OR


Coopers Hall

4 star rating

39 reviews

Central Eastside
404 SE 6th Ave, Portland, OR
Wineries, Wine Bars

Tiffany M.


“They really deliver with the wine on tap. I tried several different reds. Two really stood out: Gamay Noir from Beaujolais was my favorite, and the Syrah/Viognier blend was so strange and tart that it deserves a shout out.”
Tiffany M., Hillsboro, OR


Frank Wine and Flower

4_half star rating

21 reviews

Southwest Portland
3712 SW Bond Ave, Portland, OR
Wine Bars

Sarah H.“I can tell you that they have a range of wines at a range of prices including very affordable glasses for people like me who just want a nice glass of red wine, and a beautiful place to sit with friends.”
Sarah H., Portland, OR



Pairings Portland Wine Shop & Bar

5 star rating

48 reviews

Northeast Portland
455 NE 24th Ave, Portland, OR
Wineries, Bars, Beer, Wine & Spirits

Marissa P.


“Instead of wandering through wines organized by varietal or region, these wines are organized by what they pair well with. Each box is labeled with items like mac 'n' cheese, salmon, pesto, salad etc.”
Marissa P., Portland, OR


Seven Bridges Winery

4_half star rating

13 reviews

North Portland
2303 N Harding Ave, Portland, OR
Wineries, Wine Tours

Ben C.For a reliable red wine flight, this is the right spot. Don't be dismayed by the secluded industrial location. Inside, these guys are making some really complex red wine, mostly from eastern OR and WA as opposed to the usual Willamette Valley Pinot.”
Ben C., Portland, OR



SE Wine Collective

4 star rating

43 reviews

Southeast Portland
2425 SE 35th Pl, Portland, OR
Wine Bars, Wineries, American (New)

Chad H.


“If you need a lesson on wine, then this is a good start. You get the opportunity to taste wine from four different resident artisanal wine producers. Everyone involved there is well educated and can teach you a thing or two.”
Chad H., Portland, OR


Taste On 23rd

4_half star rating

87 reviews

Alphabet District
2285 NW Johnson St, Portland, OR
Wine Bars, Tapas/Small Plates

Lindsey M.


“Quiet and intimate, it's a wonderful place to sip on wines you won't find in


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Food + Drink: Caveman Style - Dine prehistorically

Going back to basics and cutting out the grain, dairy, and refined sugar.

The Weekly Yelp



Cultured Caveman

4_half star rating

54 reviews

Southeast Portland
4031 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR
Gluten-Free, Food Trucks

You order choices are Carnivore, Herbivore or Omnivore.

James S.


“As a recent convert to the paleo lifestyle (It's not a 'diet'), having a place I can go out to and not have to overthink my options is pretty alright. I had the bone broth, kale salad, and the mini meat loaves.”
James S., Portland, OR


Dick’s Kitchen

3_half star rating

297 reviews

Southeast Portland
3312 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
Burgers, Vegan, Gluten-Free

Micah S.


“Dick's has a reputation for being incredibly 'paleo' friendly, and that reputation is well deserved. Both the Yam No-Fries and the kimchi sides are well worth ordering as both are excellent. They also have a fantastic ginger kombucha on draft.”
Micah S., Portland, OR


Verde Cocina

4 star rating

130 reviews

6446 SW Capitol Hwy, Portland, OR

Lorraine S.


“When I read the website and saw that not only do they have a few dishes that cater to the paleo diet, but, far more importantly, they use fresh, local ingredients, I had to check it out... I really can't think of one bad thing to say about this place.”
Lorraine S., Portland, OR


Brooklyn House Restaurant

4_half star rating

53 reviews

Southeast Portland
3131 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR
Comfort Food, Modern European, Gluten-Free

Sara C.


“This menu included cocktails and desserts safe for those on... paleo, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan... The food was delicious, and no one had to go hungry or worry that they would have negative reactions to their dining experience. Amazing!”
Sara C., Portland, OR


Timber’s Doghouse PDX

4 star rating

44 reviews

Southeast Portland
28th and SE Division, Portland, OR
Food Stands, Burgers, Food Trucks

Aaron W.


“I love that this place has gluten-free, vegetarian, and paleo options. Oh, and double your beef patty pleasure for $2.25 more... In an uncommon move, I'm stamping this with my elite seal after the first visit. The bacon wins again, doesn't it?”
Aaron W., Vancouver, WA


Nong’s Khao Man Gai

4_half star rating

152 reviews

Industrial District
1. 609 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR

2. SW Alder & SW 10th

Beth N.


“Because I eat paleo and don't eat grains, the rice in the chicken rice just doesn't work for me. So, I can pay a little more and get my chicken over veggies and get gluten-free sauce too.”
Beth N., Portland, OR


Ecliptic Brewing

4 star rating

100 reviews

North Portland
825 N Cook St, Portland, OR
American (New), Breweries

Michael R.


“This is way better than average pub fare: standouts like lamb burger and faro burger, standards like fish and chips (quality fries and a fillet), and food to please a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, paleo, or gluten-free.”
Michael R., Portland, OR



4 star rating

130 reviews

Southeast Portland
2816 SE Stark St, Portland, OR
Vegan, Juice Bars & Smoothies, Cafes

Andrew H.


“Canteen has delicious bowls packed with veggies and sauces and flavor... Every time I eat there, I end up with a desirable level of fullness... I've gotten multiple bowls there, and they've always been packed with flavor.”
Andrew H., Anchorage, AK


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Food + Drink: Brunch with Reservations

Believe it or not, spending an hour waiting on the sidewalk is not a requirement for the authentic Portland brunch experience. Check out these Yelper approved brunch destinations, all of which take reservations!

The Weekly Yelp


23 Hoyt

3_half star rating

218 reviews

Alphabet District
529 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR
Wine Bars, American (New), Gastropubs

Nicole J.


“The service was relaxed, which I appreciated since that was the mood of my Sunday. Food was top-notch. And the donuts — oh, donuts. They were amazing! Could have stayed there for five hours with just mimosas and donuts... I will definitely be back!”
Nicole J., Lake Oswego, OR



4 star rating

195 reviews

Southeast Portland
2838 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
Italian, Breakfast & Brunch

Heather J.


“I had the Dutch Bambino with vanilla peaches, basil, and fresh whipped cream. Not too sweet, not too big, just the perfect thing to satisfy someone with wants to go sweet instead of savory first thing in the morning.”
Heather J., Portland, OR



4 star rating

358 reviews

Northeast Portland
5425 NE 30th Ave, Portland, OR
French, American (New)

Cory M.


“The Beast Hash... is served with super tender, melt in your mouth braised pork belly and loin, rattlesnake beans, and sweet corn... new potatoes, and was topped with a poached duck egg and homemade whole grain mustard hollandaise sauce.”
Cory M., Portland, OR


Eclectic Kitchen

4 star rating

55 reviews

Neast Portland
4936 NE Fremont St, Portorthland, OR
Breakfast & Brunch

Tony M.


“Perfect consistency of the biscuit and a flavor explosion in the gravy. I prefer a dense biscuit and a thick but not too thick, flavorful but not too salty gravy. This is so good that it is taking every fiber of my being to not just wolf it down.”
Tony M., Portland, OR


Equinox Restaurant and Bar

3_half star rating

220 reviews

North Portland
830 N Shaver St, Portland, OR
American (New), Bars

Curtis C.


“The chilaquilles were excellent with two or three crispy fried corn tortillas, black beans, salsa, cotija cheese, and more... The eggs bene was delish, and they cure the canadian bacon in-house. The hollandaise sauce was fabulous and very classic.”
Curtis C., Portland, OR


Pacific Pie Company

4_half star rating

76 reviews

Alphabet District
1668 Nw 23rd Ave, Portland, OR
Australian, Bakeries, Breakfast & Brunch

Arielle S.


“My friend suggested we go there after a run for breakfast. I ordered the chicken schnitzel and a chicken pot pie to-go. She ordered the breakfast pie, which she probably would've married! The pie crust is amazing, and you can't go wrong there.”
Arielle S., North Plains, OR


Wild Abandon

4 star rating

198 reviews

Southeast Portland
2411 SE Belmont St, Portland, OR
Breakfast & Brunch, American (Traditional), Modern European

Dana S.


“Brunch was awesome. Nice people, no wait, good coffee, weird, funky altar lights, and every single thing our table ordered was sublime. They also have a great patio when the sun comes out. And the prices will put you in a good mood.”
Dana S., Foster-Powell, Portland, OR


The Woodsman Tavern

3_half star rating

286 reviews

Southeast Portland
4537 SE Division St, Portland, OR
American (New)

David T.


“Outstanding. We make this one of our regular, once a month stops for... brunch... So far, every egg has been served perfect... The pancakes for brunch on Saturday and Sunday are fabulous. The drinks are always amazing... This is a fabulous restaurant.”
David T., Lake Oswego, OR

PDX Monthly

Three Exceptional New Portland Brunches—Without Lines


It’s OK, it’s happened, we’ve all done it: you have confused “standing in line” with “having a great brunch.” Verdigris, a dignified little white-walled room on NE Fremont Street, is here to sort out the category error. This is a place where you can—wait for it—make a reservation for brunch, for a party of any size. You can then enjoy such refined (but generous) offerings as ricotta pancakes with fig compote and chantilly like the civilized human you are. The 60-minute eggs with ham is something of a house signature, while the duck fat hash browns could well become an addiction. 1315 NE Fremont St, —ZD


These are the waffles prophecy foretold: divinely crunchy, crowned with spicy chicken and pickle-craft, or, if you like, a frozen wonder of black sesame ice cream. They’re dispatched in a Hemingway-meets-Chinatown setting for Expatriate’s weekend brunch, while a High Fidelity–caliber record collection spins on two turntables. And if you think you’re bored with Bloody Marys, think again. Like everything here—fantastic, condiment-crazed congee to a suave, shrimp-toasty burrito—Expat’s Bloody ripples with spice and adventure. 5424 NE 30th Ave, —KB

Whiskey Soda Lounge

On weekends only, in a colorful setting of Cambodian pop and Asian ephemera, Thailand’s little-known a.m. flavors make a rare appearance in Portland (or America, for that matter). Andy Ricker, founder of neighboring Pok Pok, concentrates on his ongoing traveling breakfast rituals: sweet pork-laden buns; jok creamed with bouncy pork, crullers and pandan coconut custard for dipping; stir-your-own coddled eggs with finger-size “soldier” toast, and, of course, drip-brewed Vietnamese coffee. 3131 SE Division St, —KB 

This article appeared in the November 2016 issue of Portland Monthly.

Tin Shed Cafe  (1438 NE Alberta-Alberta Arts District) - Famous place for Brunch. Does NOT take reservations-Lines after 8AM.

Screen Door - Southern Comfort Foods


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Food + Drink: A Romantic Brunch

How about taking your sweetheart to brunch at one of these romantic spots:

Sweedeedee (5202 N. Albina): A sun-filled brunch spot with a Scandinavian-hipster vibe. Take your pick of hearty eggs and potatoes cooked to order or lighter granola fare. And don't forget to take some baked goods to go. (Photo: Cheryl Juetten)

Tasty n Alder (580 SW 12th Ave.): A downtown favorite for its extensive menu served up in a moody, romantic dining room. Try the frittata served in a cast iron skillet with caramelized onions, tomato, braised escarole and fontina.

Veritable Quandary
(1220 SW First Ave.): A Portland institution since 1970, their menu features variations on New Orleans cuisine while using fresh local ingredients. Their weekend brunch amid their oasis-like gardens is a true Portland experience.


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Food + Drink: Pizza

If there's one universal truth, it would be the fact that pizza is always good, at any time, for any meal. Go ahead — shove that cold slice to the side and nestle up to a piping hot pie from one of these great local spots.

17 Essential Pizzerias Around Portland (Mapped)

The Crown - Downtown's New Lunchtime Pizza To-Go (at Hotel Lucia)

You can now eat Gluten-free Vegan pizza at Back to Eden Bakery


The Weekly Yelp

Thick serves up deep dish pizza by the slice

In Pizza We Crust

Thick serves up deep dish pizza by the slice Michael C


Apizza Scholls

4 star rating

821 reviews

Southeast Portland
4741 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR

Scott H.


“The crust is unlike anything you've ever had. Charred, crispy, and chewy at the same time. It's more substantial than some other wood fired places I've been to... We got the new york white and the margherita. You really don't need more.”
Scott H., Portland, OR


Handsome Pizza

4_half star rating

36 reviews

North Portland
2730 N Killingsworth St, Portland, OR

Heather J.


“The standards are great (I'm particularly fond of the Rico Suave), but the specials are always so innovative and take advantage of the best ingredients Portland has to offer. I've tried about half a dozen different pies and fell in love with every one.”
Heather J., Portland, OR


Hogan’s Goat Pizza

4_half star rating

36 reviews

Northeast Portland
5222 NE Sacramento St, Portland, OR

Dan W.


“The best gluten-free pizza I have ever had. I'm not talking about your chewy, mealy crust that punishes you for going gluten free. I'm talking the thin, fluffy but crispy on the bottom crust that perfectly balanced the high end quality toppings.”
Dan W., Portland, OR


Oven & Shaker

3_half star rating

314 reviews

Pearl District
1134 NW Everett St, Portland, OR
Pizza, Italian, Gastropubs

Randi W.


“The pizza was awesomely priced for happy hour at $7 for a margherita pizza, and $10 for the salami. The salami had a killer combination of spice from the meat and sweet from honey that had generously been drizzled over from edge to edge.”
Randi W., Portland, OR



5 star rating

83 reviews

North Portland
3990 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR
Pizza, Cocktail Bars

David M.


“The Casanova was freakin' awesome! The crust was perfect... and the mushrooms and artichoke were flavorful. But the real clincher for me were the red onions, which were slightly caramelized while still crunchy.”
David M., Portland, OR


SFNY West Pizza

4 star rating

33 reviews

2241 W Burnside, Portland, OR

Cvetiliana B.


“We had half margherita, half Hawaiian Canadian bacon and pineapple as well as the half pesto chicken and half pesto veggie. The Hawaiian did not skimp on ham nor pineapple and ingredients were very fresh for all the pizzas.”
Cvetiliana B., Portland, OR


Sizzle Pie

4 star rating

439 reviews

Industrial District
624 E Burnside, Portland, OR
Pizza, Salad, Sandwiches

Karey R.


“I'm an instant fan of any joint that rolls out the red carpet for vegetarians. My husband cannot tolerate any dairy and I'm an 18 year vegetarian, so I love knowing Sizzle Pie can be trusted.”
Karey R., Portland, OR



4_half star rating

23 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW Washington and 9th Ave, Portland, OR
Pizza, Food Trucks

Todd V.


“The tomato sauce highlights the fruity flavors of tomato instead of drowning them in too many herbs... the whole slice has a really nice fresh feeling while still being very satisfying. Add a little home-cured sausage to it and it's a real mouthful!”
Todd V., Portland, OR

PDX Monthly


Lovely’s Fifty Fifty



North Mississippi
4039 N Mississippi Ave 503-281-4060

Pizza, Ice Cream

Lovely’s Fifty Fifty Perfects the Portland Pizza -After nearly seven years, the N Mississippi Avenue spot has gone from solid to sensational. Peak Northwest flavors ooze across a Lovely’s pie—farm egg, chanterelles, mustard flowers, and buttery Sleeping Beauty cheese from Washington’s Cascasdia Creamery. Read More


17 Essential Pizzerias Around Portland (Mapped)


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Food + Drink: Hot Dog

In the Case of the Delicious Street Food, the prime suspect is always the hot dog! This American standard has grown beyond its ballpark roots, and friendly folks serve up frankfurters all across Portland. This week, some Yelpers' favorites.

The Weekly Yelp

The ballpark treat with a Portland twist

Hot Diggity Dog!

The ballpark treat with a Portland twist Cristen T


Beez Neez Gourmet Sausages

4_half star rating

47 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 3rd Ave & SW Washington St, Portland, OR
Hot Dogs, Food Stands

Nick Z.


“The accoutrements on offer seem selected by someone who knows my very soul. Not just caramelized onions and a whole roasted jalapeño, but a plethora of pickled vegetables and housemade sauces. These are things that make my knees weak.”
Nick Z., Portland, OR


Dog Town Food Cart

4 star rating

3 reviews

Southeast Portland
2880 SE Division St, Portland, OR
Food Trucks, Hot Dogs

Aaron W.


“It's not the traditional Sonoran dog from Tucson... the owners opted for fry bread. Bacon-wrapped hot dog, pinto beans, salsa verde, avocado cream, pico de gallo, and grilled onions. Nice balance of heavier ingredients with light, fresh toppings.”
Aaron W., Vancouver, WA


East Side Delicatessen

4_half star rating

131 reviews

North Portland
4823 N Lombard St, Portland, OR
Delis, Sandwiches, Hot Dogs

April C.


“The boyfriend and I ordered hot dogs with various toppings and these were some of the best I've ever had... Plus they have all the amazing sides you could ever want.”
April C., Portland, OR


The Fried Onion

5 star rating

50 reviews

Industrial District
SE 3rd & Alder, Portland, OR
Hot Dogs, Food Stands

Scott U.


“No hyperbole, this is the best dog I've eaten anywhere. I've been to places in NYC and Chicago guided by lifetime locals... great, but not as good as this... Some of the best street food you'll ever put in your mouth.”
Scott U., Portland, OR


Meaner Wiener

4_half star rating

20 reviews

190 W Main St, Hillsboro, OR
Hot Dogs, Fast Food

Andy S.


“Not only were the sausages delicious and big, they have no preservatives! They offer different sauces you can add yourself, such as mustard, ketchup, mayo, guacamole, spicy mayo, Sriracha, BBQ sauce, wasabi sauce plus relish, sauerkraut and jalapeños!”
Andy S., Portland, OR


Otto’s Sausage Kitchen & Meat Market

4_half star rating

290 reviews

4138 SE Woodstock Blvd, Portland, OR
Meat Shops, Delis

Robert B.


“Pair the Otto hotdog with a potato bun buttered with Moutarde mustard and you have the perfect meal. But add to that meal the world's best sauerkraut from Sonoma Brinery and you've really got something to write home about.”
Robert B., Bend, OR


We Be Weiners

5 star rating

5 reviews

Southeast Portland
Portland State University, Portland, OR
Food Stands

Kevin J.


“I got the Porklandia, which had cheese on the inside, wrapped in bacon, and had crunchy onion bits on top. Absolutely delicious. They've got just about any hot dog you could want as well as tater tots. I will definitely be back.”
Kevin J., Portland, OR


Zach’s Shack

4 star rating

132 reviews

Southeast Portland
4611 SE Hawthorne Blvd, Portland, OR
Fast Food, Hot Dogs

Andrew H.


“The Chicago dog was everything it was supposed to be. Neon green relish, sport peppers, celery salt, poppy bun, tomatoes, and pickle spears. It was a pretty large hot dog as well. For $4.50, it better be bigger than the Oscar Meyers you get at Freddie's.”
Andrew H., Portland, OR


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Food + Drink: Eat & Sip Chocolate

Courtesy of Discover Portland

Portland boasts some of America’s finest chocolatiers, and they’re putting an artisan spin on classic treats. One of our favorite ways of experiencing the scene is by sipping delicious drinking chocolates — but don’t mistake these for your mom’s hot cocoa. Drinking chocolate, made from chopped chocolate bits slowly melted and blended with cream, offers a denser and richer mouthfeel than its powdery cousin.

Here are some great spots to indulge your sweet tooth and experience Portland’s decedent drinking chocolates:

Editor’s Note: In recent years, Portland’s craft chocolate scene has exploded — earning national recognition for its decadent treats. With so many excellent chocolatiers based here — such as Woodblock (Website), Pitch Dark Chocolate and many others — it can be hard to get your bearings. That's why we sought out the expertise of Cristina Yen, the owner of A Yen For Chocolate, to give us this chocolate-lover’s tour of town. 

You may know Portland for its coffee, wine and beer scenes, but the city’s culinary obsessions go far beyond craft beverages. From bean-to-bar cacao importers to unique chocolate artisans, Portland has chocolate in nearly every form. Whether you're new here or just new to the chocolate scene, let me tell you about a few of my favorite spots.

 Handcrafted Bean to Bar Chocolate Experiences!

1. Creo Chocolate

Creo Chocolate
Photo courtesy of Creo Chocolate.

Creo Chocolate (122 N.E. Broadway) is a bean-to-bar chocolate factory owned and operated by the Straub family. Their shop has an open kitchen where you can witness first-hand the entire bean-to-bar process unfold. 

Creo has a family-friendly atmosphere. The café’s interior vaulted ceilings feature large skylights, giving the shop a spacious feel. Tables and chairs line walls adorned with pictures of the Straub’s trip to Ecuador where they met Samuel and Anna, the farmers of Creo cacao. Humble and warmhearted, the Straubs are generous with their time and conversation, and if you ask them, they will happily recount their journey from once being strawberry farmers in Washington to the grand opening of Creo in 2015. 

While less than one year old, Creo should be on every chocolate-lovers' itinerary. They offers 3 tour options: (Reservations Required)

  1. A free 30 minute tour

  2. A Make-A-Bar-Tour $15

  3. A two-hour “Chocolate 101” class that takes you start-to-finish through the chocolate making process. $50

Menu Highlights: Nibs and sea salt chocolate bar, the brownies and their brewed drinking chocolate made fresh in a French press (similar to pressed coffee).

2. Cup & Bar 

Cup  Bar Drinking Chocolate
The delicious drinking chocolate from Cup & Bar. Photo courtesy of Cup & Bar.

Cup & Bar (118 N.E. M.L.K. Blvd.) may appear to be just another specialty coffee shop in a city with dozens to boot (click here to read the Discover Portland coffee guide). But this shop also hosts Ranger Chocolate, makers of Peruvian bean-to-bar chocolate. 

Upon entering the shop, the resident chocolatiers greet café guests by offering a sample of the divine tempered chocolate. With the first taste, it becomes immediately clear why this new café has received buzz from the local media for its delicious coffee and chocolate pairings. 

Industrial and hip, the shop has vaulted warehouse ceilings with concrete floors and walls. It's at once chic  and comfortable. I imagine myself hosting meetings here or working with my laptop for hours on end, sipping coffee while snacking on some of the best chocolate the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Menu Highlights: 70 percent Peru, 80 percent Chulucanas and Cabernet Franc.

3. Alma Chocolate 

IMG 5883
Photo courtesy of Alma Chocolate.

Alma Chocolate (140 N.E. 28th Ave.) is a chocolatier, meaning they make confections from chocolate rather than importing cacao and making the chocolate itself. A small shop with just a few seats for customers, they are located on the popular N.E. 28th Ave strip. The shop itself fits its location – quaint and “neighborhoody.” Bon Appétit magazine says that their “artisans work magic with chocolate, caramel and spice.” Named after Sarah Hart’s grandmother, Alma is also known for religious icons made from single-estate 74 percent dark chocolate from Hacienda El Vesia in the Dominican Republic. 

Menu Highlights: Sea Salt Hazelnut Crunch Bar, Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar and Deux Pistachio Bon Bon.

4. Cacao

cacao store floor

Cacao has two locations in Portland. The first (414 S.W. Salmon St.) is conveniently located adjacent to The Heathman Hotel, and the second (414 S.W. 13th Ave.), their flagship store, is just a ten-minute walk away from the first location. You’ll tickle your chocolaty senses at either location, but I recommend you stop at their flagship shop in the trendsetting West End neighborhood for a mind blowing collection of chocolates and an atmospheric place to relax with their signature drinking chocolates. 

Cacao is primarily a retail shop featuring handpicked chocolates from around the world, premium solid chocolate bars from small producers and select treats from local chocolatiers. They also have a small cafe-style menu with chocolate and espresso drinks as well as snacks such as shortbread cookies and locally made Salt & Straw ice cream. Past the tables and shelves displaying all these delicious goodies are a couple of large tables big enough to seat six people each — perfect for lounging with their "Shot in a Shot" (a shot of espresso poured in a shot of cacao).

Menu Highlights: The “Shot in a Shot” is a magical combination of drinking chocolate and espresso. Though they have several types of drinking chocolate to choose from (bitter, spicy, and cinnamon milk), I recommend the bitter chocolate with a dash of cinnamon.

5. The Meadow

NW 23rd Ave Chocolate Wall by Mark Bitterman
Photo by Mark Bitterman.

Describing The Meadow (805 N.W. 23rd Ave.), a one-of-a-kind chocolate and salt block boutique, to newbies often proves to be a challenge. I am often tempted to call the store an Anthropologie for foodies — with lots of natural treats, salt block displays and a big bookcase full of chocolate bars. 

But that description doesn’t quite do it justice. No, stepping inside this cute shop is like wandering into a perfectly curated wonderland of culinary luxuries. 

With two locations, The Meadow is Portland’s retail authority on finishing salts, bitters, gourmet items for your kitchen and, of course, chocolate. They also carry Oregon and European wines and vermouths in addition to offering a full-service floristry. 

Menu Highlights: Bonnat 70 percent Côte d’Ivoire, Rogue Chocolatier Porcelana, Domori Lattesal and the Finishing Salt Starter Set.



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Food + Drink: German

The Weekly Yelp


German food is delish

Achtung! Portland's Best German Eats

German food is delish Roger M

Alpinin' for authentic brats? Bet your bottom Deutschmark that there are some grand ol' German joints around town where you can sink a stein and snag a schnitzel. Check out these Yelpers' favorites!



4_half star rating

73 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 10th & Alder, Portland, OR
German, Food Stands

Alison W.


“So delicious. These have to be the best wurst in Portland. Juicy, savory, with the right amount of snap from the casing. Add some sauerkraut and mustard for the best lunch ever. Lunch for $5.50 and you will be so satisfied.”
Alison W., Portland, OR


Bavarian Sausage Delicatessen

4_half star rating

46 reviews

Southwest Portland
8705 SW Locust St, Tigard, OR
Meat Shops, German

Tiffany A.


“My deliciously smoked and perfectly grilled sausage came on a small little circular toasted bun, with some packets of yellow mustard and a scoop of potato salad. I also ordered a side of sauerkraut. This sausage was one of the best I've ever had.”
Tiffany A., Portland, OR



4 star rating

332 reviews

Southwest Portland
527 SW 12th Ave, Portland, OR
German, Italian, Diners

Becca J.


“We started with some beet-pickled deviled eggs, and they were really good. The filling was light and fluffy. For my main dish, I had the Quark Spatzle with braised chicken. The flavor of everything was so good that I ended up noshing every single noodle.”
Becca J., Hillsboro, OR


Gustav’s Pub & Grill

3_half star rating

226 reviews

Southwest Portland
10350 SW Greenburg Rd, Portland, OR
German, Pubs

Nadia P.


“I opted for the smoked German bier links with warm potato salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut — while my hunny went with the reuben sandwich. Lemme tell ya that sammich was stacked like a hay bale. All the flavors on my plate were on point.”
Nadia P., Portland, OR


Otto & Anita’s European Restaurant

4_half star rating

120 reviews

Southwest Portland
3025 SW Canby St, Portland, OR
German, American (New)

Bronwyn E.


“I have lived in Portland since November of 2005, and until recently, I had never discovered their amazing dill pickle soup! One bite and I was head over heels in love. A bowl is quite large, and only $4.”
Bronwyn E., Portland, OR


Rheinlander German Restaurant

4 star rating

189 reviews

Northeast Portland
5035 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR
German, Caterers

Noah U.


“They have singing and a constant accordion. As usual the fondue was great and I loved my chicken cordon bleu. The price was reasonable and the festivity is really special. I went there for a friend's birthday. They make this a real experience.”
Noah U., Portland, OR



4_half star rating

104 reviews

Northeast Portland
401 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR

Jacob M.


“The real star of the show was the currywurst. It arrived on a ship of french fries and drizzled in a curry ketchup sauce that was incredibly balanced and bursting with worldly flavors. In a perfect world all ketchup would have curry spices added to it.”
Jacob M., Portland, OR


Swiss Hibiscus

4_half star rating

195 reviews

Northeast Portland

4950 NE 14th Ave, Portland, OR

“I am a fan of the Emince Zurichoise, creamy porky comfort food that I wasn't even aware I was missing from my life. The spätzli is ridiculous — tiny little dumplings of happiness made crispy on the outside in seasoned butter.”
Jennifer B., Portland, OR


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Food + Drink: Hawaiian

The Weekly Yelp


Koa's Hawaiian BBQ

Portland's Big Island Bites

Koa's Hawaiian BBQ Leah Y

The beautiful Hawaiian islands might be over 2,500 miles away, but that doesn't mean you can't find the proper grinds to fill your opu in Portland. This Weekly Yelp is all about locating that perfect plate of tropical treats. You know, da kine!



4 star rating

237 reviews

2454 E Burnside St, Portland, OR
Hawaiian, Burgers, Sandwiches

Bryson B.


“The loco moco was a punch in the mouth of true flavor! With your choice of brown or white rice, a hardy burger patty well-seasoned, and a egg cooked over easy to top everything off, not to mention the brown gravy that brings the whole dish together.”
Bryson B., Portland, OR


Bamboo Grove Hawaiian Grille

4 star rating

245 reviews

Southwest Portland
515 SW Carolina St, Portland, OR

Nicole B.


“We ordered the loco moco with eggs over easy and the combo plate of kalbi ribs and kalua pork. The gravy was perfect. Eggs running over the beef patties. The kalbi ribs had a great marinade. The kalua pork had the right touch of smokiness.”
Nicole B., Portland, OR


Hale Pele

4 star rating

195 reviews

Northeast Portland
2733 NE Broadway, Portland, OR
Lounges, Hawaiian, Tapas Bars

Joshua Y.


“There is a massive tome of inventive drinks, all rated by how strong they are. There are quite a few drinks that even come to the table on fire where the wait staff will do their best to set your eyebrows on fire; it's quite a show.”
Joshua Y., Beaverton, OR


Kanoa’s Kalua Pig

4_half star rating

3 reviews

Southwest Portland
SW 3rd and Stark, Portland, OR
Food Stands, Hawaiian

Kyle R.


“I've had the shoyu chicken and the kalua pig, and both are made as close to perfection as I could possibly imagine. The portion size was good for lunch, the sauces are excellent, and the rice is cooked exactly as it should be.”
Kyle R., Portland, OR


Koa’s Hawaiian BBQ

5 star rating

14 reviews

Se 48th and Woodstock, Portland, OR

Allen K.


“I ordered a combo plate with teriyaki chicken and kalua pork because gluttony is kinda my thing, plus it came with a large scoop of rice and a side of macaroni-potato salad. Yes, I ate it all and yes, I needed a nap afterward.”
Allen K., Portland, OR


Ohana Hawaiian Cafe

4 star rating

172 reviews

Northeast Portland
6320 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR

Mike B.


“I'm from Hawaii, and this is even better than some food from home. They have it all — poi, spam musubi, plate lunch, POG, lau lau, lomi lomi salmon, haupia, kalua pork, poke... and it's all really good. I'm still kind of in shock that this exists here.”
Mike B., Portland, OR


Ono Shave Ice

4_half star rating

11 reviews

Southwest Portland
Portland, OR
Shaved Ice, Food Trucks

Andrew H.


“This isn't a snow cone or Italian ice... Shave ice is much more fine and oh so sweet and they give you quite a bit for only $4. They have it with ice cream for $4.50 and Hawaiian style for $6 which had ice cream, mochi, azuki bean, and snow cap.”
Andrew H., Portland, OR


808 Grinds Cafe

4_half star rating

38 reviews

Southwest Portland
10100 SW Park Way, Portland, OR

Kailes B.


“The star of the show for me and my sweet tooth is their haupia and okinawa sweet potato pie. I want to cry when I look at it, it's that good. I'm not sure if that's the fat wahine in me or what but dang that stuff is good.”
Kailes B., Portland, OR


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Food + Drink: Gelato

The Weekly Yelp


Pinolo Gelato


Pinolo Gelato Nhan T

Ice cream is nice cream, yet any gelato fan will tell you this frosty Italian import takes all that's wonderful about your Rocky Road and kicks it up a notch. Smoother, more dense, and oh-so-velvety, gelato's coming to a cone near you, and the Weekly's got the scoop!



4_half star rating

62 reviews

North Portland
8712 N Lombard St, Portland, OR
Gelato, Coffee & Tea

Kerri L.


“The Salted Caramel gelato was the obvious choice for me, but the 'Lime In The Coconut' flavor was tempting as well. I really savored this gelato. The waffle cone was not too soft and not too crisp and complemented the gelato to a tee.”
Kerri L., Portland, OR


Alotto Gelato

4_half star rating

135 reviews

Alphabet District
931 NW 23rd Ave, Portland, OR
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Gelato, Coffee & Tea

Jacob M.


“It is locally owned, with great service, and the best quality ingredients known to mankind. In the summertime, they're famous for fresh seasonal berries, and I have always found them to pair extremely well with the chocolate frosted yellow cake gelato.”
Jacob M., Portland, OR


Atlas Scoops

4_half star rating

10 reviews

Southeast Portland
8005 SE 13th Ave, Portland, OR
Gelato, Food Trucks

Paulette L.


“My daughter got lemon, which must have been pretty good cause she passed up chocolate! I got honey lavender and mint chip. The honey lavender was really good. The shining star was the mint chip, made with real mint leaves!”
Paulette L., Lake Oswego, OR


Bacchi’s Italian Delicatessen

4_half star rating

85 reviews

Northeast Portland
6633 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR
Italian, Sandwiches

Chris W.


“The real star was the gelato. It was smooth and dense. I'll definitely be back for that. We were told that the flavors change weekly. The service was friendly and seems to be family ran.”
Chris W., Montavilla, Portland, OR


Bassotto Gelateria

5 star rating

48 reviews

Northeast Portland
1760 NE Dekum St, Portland, OR
Gelato, Cafes

Sudipto G.


“A slice of Italy on Dekum street. I chatted with the friendly owner Don, and he definitely knows how to make some authentic gelato. I tried all the flavors, and went with the hazelnut chocolate and eggnog. They were two scoops of creamy deliciousness.”
Sudipto G., Portland, OR


Pinolo Gelato

5 star rating

35 reviews

Southeast Portland
3707 SE Division St, Portland, OR
Gelato, Coffee & Tea, Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt

Brit G.


“His raspberry gelato tastes like a fresh picked summer raspberry from my backyard. I literally had warm, pleasant flash backs of childhood summertime while sampling it. Pair it with the lemon gelato!”
Brit G., Troutdale, OR


Spella Caffe

4_half star rating

165 reviews

Southwest Portland
520 SW 5th Ave, Portland, OR
Coffee & Tea

Alex B.


“Spella is tiny. Seriously, it's probably the smallest business of any type you'll ever go to. They honestly make the best espresso in Portland. If you're looking for a little extra treat, get an affogato — espresso poured over authentic Italian gelato!”
Alex B., Portland, OR


Staccato Gelato

4 star rating

126 reviews

Northeast Portland
232 NE 28th Ave, Portland, OR
Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt, Donuts

Tiffany L.


“For under $4, we chose the three scoop option. We tried a few flavors, including honey lavender, chocolate, root beer, tiramisu, and salted caramel. They were all amazing. My favorite was honey lavender, a perfect combination.”
Tiffany L., Portland, OR


Food + Drink: DIVE BARS

The Weekly Yelp


Scooter McQuade's

The Portland Dive Bar Guide

Scooter McQuade's Ken H

Trying to map an escape-route to your nearest dive bar? Here are some My Chauffeur' favorites!


Billy Ray’s

4 star rating

49 reviews

Northeast Portland
2216 NE M L King Blvd, Portland, OR
Dive Bars

Michelle U.


“Billy Ray's is always a party, even if you're the only one there. The music there is awesome, there's pinball, and a huge back area. The drinks are cheap, and they only take cash.”
Michelle U., Portland, OR


Club 21

4 star rating

77 reviews

Northeast Portland
2035 NE Glisan St, Portland, OR
Dive Bars, American (Traditional)

Paige H.


“The food is good. Fried chicken on Texas toast for the man and beef on Texas toast with the works for me. They are set up like a poor man's Dave And Buster's with arcade games everywhere in some sort of hunting lodge/castle thing, but somehow it works.”
Paige H., Portland, OR


Donnie Vegas

4_half star rating

30 reviews

Northeast Portland
1203 NE Alberta St, Portland, OR
Dive Bars

Jesy B.


“'Taptails? What the hell are taptails?' was my thought coming into DV with a big group of people. Two minutes later, question answered — cocktails on tap! Hu-duh. They have about five options and I went with the Moscow Mule — Yum!”
Jesy B., Portland, OR


Joe’s Cellar

4 star rating

75 reviews

Alphabet District
1332 NW 21st Ave, Portland, OR
American (Traditional), Diners, American (New)

Timothy R.


“Low, black ceilings give the place a cozy feel, while the 70's plywood walls add more to the overall ambiance. Assorted beer mirrors adorn the walls, sprinkled among the TVs. Complementary popcorn. A comfortable, central bar. What more could you need?”
Timothy R., Portland, OR



4 star rating

213 reviews

8105 SE Stark St, Portland, OR
Dive Bars, Pubs

Robert M.


“This might be the best tap list in Portland. I could have spent the next 16 hours sitting around sampling the epic beers they serve. The food and service is too good to call it a dive bar; Roscoe's is something completely different.”
Robert M., Wilsonville, OR


Scooter McQuade’s Restaurant & Bar

3_half star rating

55 reviews

1321 SW Washington St, Portland, OR

Andrew H.


“Jello Shots, Jello Shots, and more Jello Shots. Cheap everything. Cheap hot dogs on Mondays. This is the crazy good dive bar your mother might have warned you about if she knew about this place.”
Andrew H., Portland, OR


Spare Room Restaurant and Lounge

4 star rating

65 reviews

Northeast Portland
4830 NE 42nd Ave, Portland, OR
Bars, Karaoke, American (Traditional)

Allisun W.


“My favorite portion of the bar is an area that looks like your rad uncle's rec room. It houses two pool tables and pinball. A huge dance floor is smack dab in the middle and includes a stage that hosts karaoke Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights.”
Allisun W., Portland, OR


Yur’s Bar & Grill

4 star rating

76 reviews

717 NW 16th Ave, Portland, OR
American (Traditional), Dive Bars

Joe M.The beer selection is huge and they do a great job of rotating seasonal beers and other variety selection when appropriate. Free popcorn is a great snack to nibble if your just having a beer or two.”
Joe M., Portland, OR


Food + Drink: Margarita Madness

The Weekly YELP


Margarita Madness

Nuestra Cocina Chris M

Margaritas! On the rocks or blended, classic, or fruity; however you like them, everyone has a great tequila story (if they can remember it). Here's some of the places you can find a great margarita here in Portland.


The Conquistador

4 star rating

132 reviews

Southeast Portland
2045 Se Belmont St, Portland, OR
Latin American, Lounges, Vegetarian

Racquel R.


“Where do I begin? I usually turn my nose up at flavored margaritas, as opposed to regular lime, but this place does not mess around. All of their margaritas are amazing, the coconut is killer.”
Racquel R., Portland, OR


The Goose

4 star rating

107 reviews

Southeast Portland
2725 SE Ankeny St, Portland, OR
Tex-Mex, Mexican, Bars

Alison T.


“I grew up 90 miles from the border of Mexico and this place felt like home! Oh my god, the tacos were so delicious. Plus the margaritas... Don't even get me started. Blood orange and ginger?! Kiwi, rose! Yes. Just yes.”
Alison T., Portland, OR


Mi Mero Mole

4 star rating

275 reviews

Southeast Portland
5026 SE Division St, Portland, OR
Mexican, Vegetarian, Gluten-Free

Krystal F.


“I decided to go with the diablo margarita which is spicy. Days later I am still thinking back on this drink very fondly and trying to figure out when I can go obtain another one. If you are a fan of spicy, I'd say it's a must order.”
Krystal F., Portland, OR


Nayar Taqueria

4_half star rating

128 reviews

Southeast Portland
5919 SE Foster Rd, Portland, OR
Mexican, Vegetarian

Caitlin L.


“Their margaritas are amazing. They use fresh lime juice and puréed raspberries. The owners are super friendly and genuinely interested in making sure you're happy. I'm so glad to have this place in my neighborhood.”
Caitlin L., Portland, OR


Nuestra Cocina

4_half star rating

369 reviews

Southeast Portland
2135 SE Division St, Portland, OR
Mexican, Latin American

Breanne G.


“We were able to get a seat at the bar and indulge in some great jalapeño salsa and margaritas. The bartender there was incredibly nice and made awesome drinks. I highly recommend their spicy margarita, as it is the drink that dreams are made of.”
Breanne G., Portland, OR



4 star rating

88 reviews

2850 SE Gladstone St, Portland, OR

Mary M.


“The margaritas are the best I've ever had. We asked about their mix, which is just fresh lime juice and agave syrup, but they also do a very generous pour of tequila. The large margarita is in a 16 oz glass and is only $8, so is a pretty good deal.”
Mary M., Southeast Portland, Portland, OR



4 star rating

179 reviews

Southeast Portland
4144 SE 60th Ave, Portland, OR
Mexican, Pubs



“The house margarita is delicious and if you go during happy hour (3–6pm & 9pm–Close) they are $5.50 or $20 for a pitcher. The margarita pitchers, hot chips, and trivial pursuit cards make this place a great hang out for friends.”
BJ D., Portland, OR


Que Pasa Cantina

4 star rating

192 reviews

Southeast Portland
1408 SE 12th Ave, Portland, OR

Lindsay A.


“We had a pitcher of the 'skinny margarita'. It was tangy and not too sweet. I like my margaritas tangy and limey and this was perfect! The pitcher had a lot of ice, but we easily filled five margaritas so that turned out fine.”
Lindsay A., Portland, OR


Food + Drink: BURGERS

My Chauffeur DT Picks for Cheap Micro Brews during Happy Hour

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