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Columbia R. Gorge or Mt. Hood Loop Tour

Please look over the itinerary below and get back to us with any feedback or requests.

PLEASE NOTE (Summer of 2018): Due to a recent forest fire, some of the stops/options below are CLOSED (Horsetail Falls to Wahkeena Falls, not including Multnomah Falls, which is open) until late Summer 2018.  Contact us for additional information and options.

Note 2: Due to crowded conditions on weekends and less frequently on weekdays, Multnomah Falls is sometimes CLOSED and this stop is not guaranteed. 4 Hour tour option - to maximize your chances to see Multnomah Falls, an early morning (8am or earlier; we start our tours as early as 6AM) or mid afternoon pickup (1:30pm or later-2:30pm weekends) is recommended.

My Chauffeur offers the 7 hour "Gorge in a Nutshell" (+ Sternwheeler) option with 4, 5 & 6 hour tour options.

("Gorge in a ")

-- 1 Hour Free (My Chauffeur recommends the 7 Hour "Gorge in a Nutshell" tour (includes the 1 or 2 hour Sternwheeler cruise) option for the cost of 6* hours with a 7:00AM or 10:30AM pickup time. Other tour pickup times are available.) --

List of Sights*: (in this order or the reverse)

10:30AM pickup time (Weekends 7AM) in or near Dt Portland: First you will travel to the Gorge along this route on the Old Road and see Crown Point/Vista House and Chanticleer Point , two of the most spectacular views in the world, Madre mia! We'll give brief 'intro's' at each of our stops, as well as Oregon's Super-volcano& Super-floods .

We'll then go to historic Latourell (town of) & Latourell Falls and the 'Rendezvous of the Fairies' at Shepperd's Dell Falls and bridge . Then, next is historic Bridal Veil Lodge and post office (2nd smallest***) with short hikes to Bridal Veil Falls & the Bridal Veil Overlook** .

After that is historic Bonneville Dam/Fish HatcheryColumbia River & Bonneville Dam, Oregon. 1939with Herman the Sturgeon . Then the Bridge of the Gods , Cascade Locks and Sternwheeler Cruise (if added) on the Columbia 1-2 hour river cruise* (cruise cost applies). After the cruise, the grand finale is Multnomah Falls & Viewing Bridge , the viaduct closed and the Multnomah Falls Lodge Lodge; Click to view and snack bar for refreshments/ lunch/ dinner. End time in Portland is about 5pm or 2PMweekends.

*The 7 hour Gorge in a Nutshell 1 hour discount is available with the inclusion of a 1 or 2 hour Sternwheeler Cruise on the Columbia.  The cost for the Sternwheeler is additional cost ($34/adult & $22/child). Visit the Historical Museum to learn about Native Americans in the Gorge, the historic waterway and locks, the once-fierce Cascade Rapids, railroads, fish wheels, sternwheelers and steamboats on the Columbia River. (Museum hours: May - Sept 12-5. Closed Mondays. $3/adult, $2/senior & youth, $5/family)

* You'll visit 'all'* of these stops and options if you choose the 6 (7) hour tour option. Otherwise you'll visit many or most of them with the 4 or 5 hour tour options. Restaurant stops typically require additional time to your chosen tour length, please inquire. The # of stops/options is NOT guaranteed with any length tour and is influenced by your group size, groups pace, how crowded the Gorge is and other factors and may be greater or lower than the indicated amount. We get to as many stops as possible within your tour's hourly length. See below, P.S.

*Order of Stops: We go in the order above, the reverse of that or any order for best scheduling of your tour.

P.S. - 'Must Stops or Activities' must be communicated to us; otherwise we may not go there.

**2 separate short hikes (2/3rds and 1/2 mile RT respectively), highly recommended. We recommend at least a 5 hour tour in order to fit in the Bridal Veil area. View All Western Gorge Hike Options

***Save your post cards until you get to Bridal Veil post office (the nations 2nd smallest), buy your stamps here and have your mail sent with this unique mark. People from all over the world send their packages through the tiny Bridal Veil post office in quest of its coveted postmark. The office issues postmarks for more than 100,000 wedding invitations a year. Opens at 9 a.m. weekdays and closes at 3:30 p.m., and Bridal Veil Post Office is one of only a few post offices still open on Saturdays.

Temporarily Closed Stops Include:

Horsetail Falls closed and maybe optional Ponytail Falls closed File:Upper Horsetail Falls.jpg where you'll walk behind the falls. Next is Oneonta Gorge closed and Oneonta Bridge/Tunnel closed . The Oneonta Falls closed is an optional hike only on request.  Right next door is Wahkeena Falls/Viewing Bridge closed .

Add some of these options below to your 4-6 hour tour for a total of 5-8+ hours...

Many groups add the fascinating options below:

  1.  Historic Bonneville Dam/Fish HatcheryColumbia River & Bonneville Dam, Oregon. 1939with Herman the Sturgeon ,

  2. The Bridge of the Gods and Sternwheeler Cruise on the Columbia . If you would like to book the optional Sternwheeler Cruise, please give us a call (preferred) or discuss with your guide the options. Cost is $34/adult and $22/child. (Weekends typically require advance reservations)

  3. Add this easy 2 mile RT hike to the secret falls (CLOSED UNTIL SUMMER 2018) - "If we had to pick a spot that embodies almost everything that defines the Columbia R Gorge, this Creeks lower canyon is it, culminating with the secret falls, which almost no one knows about. This canyon is as fine a temple as nature can create... This is our most treasured place in the Gorge." Note: Your signature on a confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreement stating that you will not divulge the location of this secret location is required.

  4. Eats**: Stop at Corbett Country Market ($$), Multnomah Falls Lodge restaurant Lodge; Click to view (snack bar ($$) or breakfast, lunch, dinner, Sunday brunch at the restaurant ($$$), Locks Grill ($$$) at the Sternwheeler Cruise or Tad's ($$$$) for dinner ("OneTad's Chicken 'n Dumplins of the Last Original Roadhouses") - Historically, roadhouses are where travelers stopped for dinner and chicken was the most popular food served to tourists along the historic highway.  During the late 1920s Tad Johnson opened a roadhouse which has grown into a popular local restaurant still featuring food as prepared during the peak of the Historic Highway's popularity. Alternatively, Shirley's Tippy Canoe Bar & Grill ($$$) just down the road from Tad's is a great option- Historic 1940s landmark restaurant serving breakfast, lunch & dinner daily, another original roadhouse. 

  5. TRAVEL THE WEST END of the Historic Highway - Includes historic Troutdale, Tad's Chicken 'n Dumplings $$$ (Eat dinner at "One of the Last Original Roadhouses"), the Sandy Gorge, Stark Street Bridge, historic Springdale, Corbett, the historic Edgefield Manor & more...

  6. Ride the Sternwheeler - Sternwheeler Cruise on the Columbia River docks in Cascade Locks where you can enjoy 1-2 hour cruises.

To do 'all' of the options above would require 10-12 hours or multi-day.*

**Restaurant stops require pre-planning. Let us know ahead of time if you are interested in a restaurant stop. However, the Multnomah Falls snack bar does not require pre-planning.

*The # of stops/options is not guaranteed with any length tour and is influenced by your group size, groups pace and other factors and may be greater or lower than the indicated amount. We get to as many stops as possible within your tour's hourly length.


Click HERE for Gorge tour details/ more options.

Columbia R Gorge Tour in the Winter (pictures)

Mt. Hood Loop Tour

If you chose the Mt. Hood Loop tour (8-10 hours), then you'll first go to the above; then to the 'top' of Mt. Hood File:Mount Hood reflected in Mirror Lake, Oregon.jpg and your route will be this . Our destination will be Timberline Ski Lodge & Retreat (or in winter ). And for the adventurous; take the Magic Mile chairlift* to Silcox Hut at 6,950 ft for the most fantastic view in Oregon (on clear days*).

*If you want to ride the Magic Mile chairlift, notify us before your tour., because it runs limited hours. Click HERE for details. This also applies if you are interested in either the breakfast or lunch buffets at Timberline Lodge.


Click HERE for Mt. Hood tour details/options.

Timberline Lodge: (Check before you go!)

*Check today's weather conditions, webcams (visibility), the status of Magic Mile chairlift & more; 6-Day Weather Forecast

Have a question about the Columbia R. Gorge or Mt. Hood tour, just ASK below! Call or text 503-969-4370 between 7AM & 9PM Daily or just ASK below by email! For a quote, click HERE.

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** Wikipedia GNU Free Documentation License applies.

Penny Postcard, Bishops Cap, Shepperds Dell, ca.1930
Click image to enlarge
Penny Postcard: Bishops Cap at Shepperd's Dell, ca.1930, "Bishop Cap at Shepperd's Dell, Columbia River Highway, Oregon". Caption on back reads: "Probably no scenic Highway in America, except the 338 mile long Oregon Coast Highway, offers such magnificent scenery in concentrated variety as that which borders the Columbia River highway in Oregon." Image Copyright Cross & Dimmitt. Published by Angelus Commercial Studio, Portland, Oregon. In the private collection of Lyn Topinka.



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