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Columbia River Gorge Tour

"On the Road of a Thousand Wonders"

Specially crafted by My Chauffeur to showcase Oregon's unparalleled bounty, this itinerary features the romantic Columbia River Gorge and combines unique and select educational scenic touring with exquisite picnicking or dining and luxury transportation. 

Columbia River, Cascade Mountains, Oregon, (1876) by Vincent Colyer (oil on canvas). Beacon Rock is visible on the left.

Columbia River & Gorge, Cascade Mountains, Oregon. Beacon Rock is visible on the left.*

Feast your eyes on the Gorge and it's scenic waterfalls.  The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful and exciting place to visit, formed by ancient lava flows & carved out of the rocks by ancient floods 15,000 years ago...more 

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*(1876) by Vincent Colyer (oil on canvas)

Penny Postcard, Crown Point and Vista House, Oregon, ca.1930


Here is the tour route. Your tour will follow the western portion of this map route...(Dodson/Horsetail Falls to Corbett or the reverse)

(Maps/routes - Western portion of map (Dodson/Horsetail Falls to Corbett; or Troutdale (if added). Note: (summertime schedule); the route may be reversed in the winter or early morning/ late afternoon tours, and may start at Corbett)

Columbia R Gorge

Mt. Hood Loop


  • 4 hours - (Default Option-"Columbia R Gorge in a ") Your 4 hours event will typically include 8 stops/options as time permits; all described below* or custom requests)

  • 5 hours (recommended) - Add 2-3 stops/options to the above as time permits*

  • 6+ hours (also recommended) - Will typically include all 13 stops/options (#1-11 below) as time permits*, + additional options.

* With your 4-hour option tour, you will typically visit up to 8 stops/options from below (#1, 3, 4-5, 6, 8, 9, 10 or 11 or request, as time permits).  With 5 hours (recommended), add stop #7. With your 6+-hour option tour, you will typically visit up to 13 stops/options (hikes and viewing bridges, as time allows) with additional options. A restaurant, museum stop, extended hike, Bonneville Dam, Sternwheeler Cruise, Wahclella Falls or stop at Troutdale will typically add 1-2 hours tour time/cost each to the 4, 5 or 6 hour tour. My Chauffeur recommends 6+ hours for the full Gorge experience. The # of stops/options are not guaranteed (may be lower or higher) and is dependent on your pickup location, day/time of your tour, group size*, groups speed and other factors. Let us know how much you want to see and/or any special requests and we will try to make it happen. The # of stops/options are not guaranteed. 'Must Stops' must be communicated to us, otherwise we may not go there.  Customize It!

Again, 'Must Stops' must be communicated to us, otherwise we may not go there.

* Small groups may get to more stops/options, larger groups (8-15+ ppl.) will typically get to less stops/options. Tour bus groups will typically see 2-3 less stops/options)

(At each stop, a brief intro will be given or recited (some stops need the intro recited for effect), then it can be opened up for general discussion, if desired. Customize It! Please notify us of any special requests at the beginning or ahead of your tour or if you wish to add stops, options or time. We may start at #1 or we may start at #12. Individual bridges, buildings, tunnels and viaduct details are available, on request (request before your tour), to be sent to your cell phone-Knowing their stories adds appeal to your tour.)

ITINERARY: (View All Western Gorge Hike Options)

  1. Horsetail Falls

  2. Ponytail falls (Option: Easy/moderate .8 mile RT hike above Horsetail Falls. Hike behind the falls! 30-45 mins RT)

  3. Oneonta Gorge

  4. Multnomah Falls, Lodge, Snack/Espresso bars, Restaurant, Visitor's Center & Gift Shop

  5. Multnomah Falls viewing bridge (Option: Easy .4 mile RT hike to the Viewing Bridge, pictured right.)

  6. Wahkeena FallsBridal Veil Falls & Wahkeena Falls viewing bridge (Option: Easy .4 mile RT hike to the Viewing Bridge)

  7. Bridal Veil (2 hike Options)

  1. Shepperd's Dell & Falls

  2. Latourell (different options) - Historic Latourell (ghost town), Latourell Falls, Bridge & hike

  3. Crown Point & Vista House Viewpoint - "Crown Point is an ancient lava flow which filled a former canyon 25.5 miles from Portland, Oregon. A view of 35 miles both East and West can be seen from Vista House."

  4. Chanticleer Point/Women's Forum Viewpoint - "One of the most beautiful vista's/viewpoints in the world"



To do any of the following COLUMBIA R. GORGE tour activities (options below) or any activity beyond the Standard 4, 5 or 6 Hour Tour, you must notify My Chauffeur before your tour:

Options (requested):

  • Historic Bonneville Dam

  • The secret falls hike (recommended) - Add this hike to a standard 4-hour tour for a total of 6 hours. (Easy; 2 mile hike RT along the creek trail to the multi-tiered secret falls) - "If we had to pick a spot that embodies almost everything that defines the Columbia R Gorge, this creeks lower canyon is it, culminating with the secret falls, which almost no one knows about. This canyon is as fine a temple as nature can create... This is our most treasured place in the Gorge."*

  • Cascade Locks (Whiskey Flats) - 10 minutes past Bonneville Dam is the Bridge of the Gods and Sternwheeler Cruise on the Columbia River Package (right) docks in Cascade Locks where you can enjoy 1-2 hour cruises ($23-$28 per adult; Sunday brunch cruise is also available) in addition to your regularly scheduled Gorge tour. And see the Oregon Pony, the oldest steam locomotive in Oregon Territory and was used for portage around the Cascade Rapids. There is an information sign out front and the Cascade Locks Historical Museum is nearby...While there, we can learn the fabulous history of the Bridge of the Gods (right) while driving (or walking) across this famous bridge, part of the Pacific Crest Trail.

  • Ponytail Falls and Triple Falls Hike @ Horsetail Falls (Behind Horsetail Falls is the easy .8 mile RT hike to Ponytail Falls. Hike behind the falls)*

*All optional hikes are DIY and a Trailhead Release Agreement is required.

Let Us Know If There Are Any Locations Not Shown Above You Would Like To See Or Topics You Would Like Us To Discuss Either On Or Off This Route And We Will Be Happy To Accommodate Your Request, If Possible.


"The one prevailing idea in the location and construction was to make this highway a great scenic boulevard surpassing all other highways of the world"

John Arthur Elliott, a locating engineer on the CRH and builder of the Mitchell Point tunnel


You'll learn about:

  • the Supervolcano and the 2nd biggest lava field in the world (CRBG, pictured right)-- lava, lava everywhere,

  • the biggest floods ever to occur on earth, the Ice Age Floods, which produced the Gorge. ("A wall of water ...tore away theGlacial Lake Missoula sides and widened the chasm to its present proportions" Lancaster 1915)

  • the Birth of the Gorge,

  • the "The King of Roads",

  • the largest freestanding monolith (rock) in the U.S., and the 2nd largest in the world, Beacon Rock

  • & the largest concentration of waterfalls in North America; including 6 up-close.


View Tour Itinerary/ Details

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  • Daily at your desired place & time.


  • 4 -6 hours (extended duration with added stops/options are available)

  • about 6-9 stops or more

Price: (For pricing details, click here or request a Quick Quote)

  • Adult: $72 & up

  • Child 17 & under: 1/2 OFF or Free (5 & under).

Standard hikes on our regular tour are listed above and are considered 'short & easy' and are optional as you can see all the falls (except Bridal Veil) without hiking to the viewing bridges. Add the historic Bonneville Dam, extended hikes, a lunch stop, river cruise, railroad journey or other options on request (See 'customize this tour' below).  Your standard tour is approx. 4 hours long.

  • Eat, Play and Stay: There are lots of things you can do with your standard tour; customize this tour with additions or other options.  View photos of the Gorge here.

The Historic Columbia River Highway

The Historic Columbia River Highway

'Long Live the "King of Roads"'.  When the highway first opened in 1916, Teddy Roosevelt praised its scenic grandeur and remarkable engineering. And The Illustrated London News went on to call it "the king of roads." With its mossy stone walls and graceful viaducts winding past dozens of waterfalls, this All-American Road still reigns as one of the world's most glorious drives. Today,  2 main sections of the old highway remain (while the other parts are being restored), and our standard tour follows the course from Corbett to Ainsworth State Park.

Your route may take the standard 1/2 day tour or customize/extend it.  Click the 'View Tour Details' link above to view your tour details or click HERE on ways to customize your tour with a picnic lunch, tour additions etc.

There is a nice Youtube video HERE on the historic highway and the project to restore the highway to it's original splendor. View a Ford Motor Co. 1917 silent film about the Gorge Highway HERE (We view most of the sights in this interesting video).

The Classic Columbia River Gorge Tour

Columbia River Gorge Itineraries


4 Hour Tour

Classic Standard Tour - ½ day


5-6 Hour Tour

Classic Standard Tour with ¾ day options

7-8 Hour Tour

Classic Standard Tour with full-day options

View All Custom Gorge Tour Itinerary Options

(Includes Restaurants & Lodging)

* Latourell & Multnomah Falls (viewing bridges) hikes are typically automatically included in your tour itinerary.  Wahkeena (viewing bridge) & Bridal Veil Falls hikes are often included in the itinerary, and are recommended. These are short hikes (15-30 minutes RT max.). All other hikes ('extended hikes') are an option and must be pre-arranged before your tour; otherwise they are not an option. NOTE: All hikes are self-guided hikes and are optional; including the standard hikes, where your driver/guide will not be accompanying your group. To add the Bonneville Dam, please notify us or your tour guide ahead of time; the 5-6 hour tour option may apply. You do not have to participate in any hike as views of all of the standard falls (except Bridal Veil) are all had without hiking.

A Trailhead Release Agreement form is required from your group (see below *) to hike on any optional/extended hike.  This does not apply with the standard (viewing bridge) hikes. Be prepared for inclement weather (rain, snow, cold, ice, wind etc.) during winter time tours.  Be prepared for rainy weather during summer time tours, and dress appropriately.

* ALL HIKES ARE SOLO 'SELF-SERVICE' HIKES; your driver and/or tour guide WILL NOT be accompanying your group on your hike due to Forest Service regulations. While we consider our extended hikes to be completely safe; in wilderness areas, possible wilderness dangers are always present, including Falling—Please stay on the maintained trail. A Trailhead Release Agreement form exonerating My Chauffeur of any responsibility on the trails will be required for your tour.  Hikes are not recommended for children or pets. Trails are typically not near restrooms or running water, so you should plan on carrying your own water supply. Cliff sections (if applicable) are exposed, so anyone subject to vertigo should proceed carefully, and turn back if the first set of cliffs are uncomfortable...  If you have any apprehensions about nature hiking and/or nature areas, you should not do the extended hikes. The trail surfaces are often rocky and uneven, and anything less than a good pair of hiking shoes or boots is not adequate. Also keep in mind that the Columbia Gorge is home to poison oak, and it grows along some sections of the some trails. If you're susceptible to it, keep an eye out in sunny, open cliff-tops and open oak forests. Long pants are a good idea is you're particularly sensitive.

We are here to help plan your Gorge tour, answer questions and/or make suggestions.  Give us a call at 503-969-4370 (toll-free 1-877-692-4283) or EMAIL US.  If you have already made a reservation, contact your personal concierge.

** The options of Bonneville Dam and Upper Horsetail Falls require more time than our standard stops.  Please notify your guide ahead of time to be able to accommodate this in your schedule (we will drop out other stops) unless you want to extend your tour to the 5-6 hour option.

*** Mt. Hood tour option is between 8-10 hours long.




Our Party Bus - 14 passengerEnjoy Touring Limos Custom-Designed for Panoramic Viewing. Travel in style and comfort in our 14-passenger mini-coach. See the city through the oversized windows, stretch out with ample leg room and tour comfortably with air-conditioning.

  • Comfortable, spacious seats

  • Extremely large tour windows

  • Perimeter couch seating for a luxurious, festive event

  • Outstanding sound system

Your Route

(standard route is Corbett or Troutdale to Horsetail Falls)

File:Kinbasket Lake, Columbia River

 We will visit the Columbia River and...

File:Columbia River Gorge landscape.jpg

...the Gorge...


... and Vista House (from Chanticleer Point) and Multnomah Falls (below) ...with several other spectacular waterfalls!!!


... And in winter the falls turn into a frozen icicle. (Wintertime tours are available)

Image, 2005, Multnomah Falls, Oregon, click to enlarge

photo by http://www.columbiariverimages.com


Finally, in Autumn.

Multnomah Falls: Autumn Evening


"My Chauffeur's Columbia River Gorge tour is Phenomenal; You Won't be disappointed." 

When you ring to make your booking, order the standard tour or let us know what your tour requirements (interests) are and we will do the rest for you."For details & questions, contact us at 503-969-4370 or 1-877-692-4283 or email us at info@tourportland.com.


Tour Pricing/Service Option -

Click on the links below to view service option/pricing & additional details. 

  1. Standard Full-Service

    • Book not more than 24 hours advance.

    • About 25% savings

    • Subject to availability.

Click links above for details.


Discount Options - Tour Directory

Most hikes on our regular tour we consider to be 'short & easy', and are optional.  Our optional

Top tips for visiting the Gorge…It’s recommended that people visit during off-peak times:

  • Go Early – Start before 10 a.m. to beat the crowds.

  • Go Late – Start your trip after 4 p.m. as the crowds are leaving and enjoy cooler temperatures and amazing sunsets.

  • Go Midweek – Visit during weekdays to find peace and quiet at popular sites.

 regular tour hikes are at Wahkeena Falls & viewing bridge, Multnomah Falls & viewing bridge, Latourell Falls, Bridal Veil Falls (20-30 minutes RT). No trailhead release agreement is required.

 Viewing bridges are 15-25 minutes RT.

Hike the Gorge!  Our regular tour includes several short hikes, but you may add extended Gorge hikes including Eagle Creek & Punchbowl Falls, Multnomah Falls or Latourelle Falls (to the top), Horsetail Falls to Triple Falls or Wahkeena Falls to Fairy Falls.  View hike details.  A Trailhead Release Agreement is required with any extended hike; please inquire.

Tour Options!  This tour may be combined with our Portland City Tour, Columbia River Gorge Wine Tour or Mt. Hood Tour.  Additional options include a restaurant dining stop for lunch or dinner, extended Gorge hiking, a Sternwheeler Cruise on the Columbia or your request! See Customization details & Options

Lunch Options!  We are proud to offer lunch concierge services. This would be the perfect complement to your tour, while you enjoy the view of the Columbia River Gorge.

  • Order a gourmet picnic lunch from My Chauffeur. $$ (10-20 pp)

  • Stop at Multnomah Falls Lodge restaurant (additional tour costs may apply. $$ (10-30 pp)

  • Order lunch from the Multnomah Falls Lodge Espresso Cart and Snack Bar offering a variety of hot/cold drinks and food (turkey wraps, vege wraps, hot dogs, chips, ice cream, fudge etc. to go. $$ (5-10 pp)

What to bring?

  1. Cool (or warm in winter!), comfortable shoes/clothing. Be prepared for inclement weather (rain, snow, cold, etc.).

  2. Binoculars (We typically have several sets of binoculars available but we recommend bringing your own if possible.)

  3. Camera

A Trailhead Release Agreement form may be required.  If you choose to take any hike beyond the standard described in the basic Columbia River Gorge tour, whether short or long, this form will be required from all group members. 



* Wikipedia GNU Free Documentation License applies.  Some photos courtesy of our friend Donald L. Mack.





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