Feast your eyes on the Gorge and it's scenic waterfalls.  The Columbia River Gorge is a beautiful and exciting place to visit.  Carved out of the rocks by ancient floods 15,000 years ago, the Columbia River is the only sea level passage through the Cascade Mountain Range.  The river is the life blood of the region.  It waters the land, aids in industry, is a source of clean, inexpensive power and provides a place to relax and play.  There are many things to do and see in the gorge...including reconnecting with the past, both man-made and geologic past.

This magnificent achievement, the first paved road in Oregon, allowed Oregonians easier access between the eastern and western sides of their state. It also allowed them to visit many of the Gorge falls.

But over the decades much of it was bypassed for progress and speed called the Interstate Highway. It was a faster way to move people and commerce from this place to that and it left the historic highway in the dust.

Still, if you have the right guides who know where to look, you can touch history in the nooks & crannies of the gorge where the old highway still exists.