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My Chauffeur is a small boutique transportation & tour company offering the highest level of luxury limousine service and quality tour & point to point  travel. As tour educators, we try to make our programs educational while keeping the atmosphere light and fun. Our primary goal is to make the world of Oregon accessible, understandable and enjoyable for our guests, while providing a private, relaxing, luxurious, and authentic experience of traveling in Oregon.  And we mean REAL luxury.  Only the finest cuisine and the best sites we will visit if you wish.  And a roomy, deluxe, air conditioned limousine stocked with refreshments. At all the places we visit, you'll receive a warm welcome and a personalized service.  For our wine tours, for instance; you may tour the technical facilities (vat room and aging cellars) in addition to your tasting.  Many times, we go out into the vineyard and the estate representative (often the owner or wine maker) will discuss vineyard management and harvesting.  

Our tours can be extensive and can include customized stops and unique visits to places of your choice.  Our tour representative will lead you through the tour, helping you identify the sights, sounds, tastes and smells of Oregon! You may even choose your type of tour guide if desired.  We will pick you up and drop you off at your residence or hotel.  We'll include a lovely picnic lunch if desired - your day will be customized to include exactly what you want...


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